Google partnered with India to Train young People in Android App Development

With the growth in the number and make of mobile devices comes the demand for better apps. In turn, the huge scope of Android mobile app development is happening in India. This puts light on the reason why companies such as Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, Google and many more are going wild with innovations.


Google’s Android is an open-source Linux-based OS mainly designed for smart phones and tablets. It’s maintained as an open source project by Google. The open source code and licensing enables developers and device manufacturers to modify the software based on their requirements. The Android platform has brought cutting-edge technologies in application development. Android application development and Android programming is considered as one of the best remunerative business opportunities these days. Thus, the need to hire knowledgeable app developers is intense.


Android spells importance to businesses these days. A business could develop an app for the OS for the convenience of their customers. There are many aspects of consumer interaction with the organizations that could be facilitated with the help of a mobile application. For instance, there’s nothing that can match the ease of allowing a customer to open tickets and file complaints about products and service on their mobile devices. Aside from that, the services that people utilize on desktop websites could be made available to customers through their mobile phones. Shopping and paying from mobile phone is just that type of convenience.


When considering on the scope of Android development in India, these primary notions should be taken into consideration.


The need for inventive application developers are growing in the present job market. Mobile app development could also be taken up as a part time work, wherein one could create apps and submit them to the Google Play store, which could be downloaded. The AdSense ads of Google could be displayed in the app that again provides monetary gains.


Learning how to program Android is relatively easy and application development is cost effective. Any developer who could think out-of-the-box would be able to put the platform into extraordinary use.


The most critical attraction of Android is the backing by Google.

With the rise in the demand of smart phones and internet access over mobile devices in India, each and every small and big business should meet all their audience on smart phones. Today, every company captures their entire website with the same functionality in their applications for various OS. Today, every e-commerce, business-to-business portals, telecommunication and many more have come to the market.


India is a huge IT hub for many globally recognized business organizations. The reasons for this is that the software development and service in the country is very cost-effective. Before Android came to be, the market of mobile app development industry was dominated by iOS and Symbian. Then Android came with the option for dynamic app development at a lesser cost that quickly boosted the popularity of the Android OS in the country. People who are willing to use smart phones have new options since the platform is cheaper than other smart phones. Mobile giants such as Samsung use Android OS in their product, which has taken over the mobile phone reign in India. Furthermore, the cell phone models that they introduce have variations in their Android operating system. This created a competition of developing the best applications that ultimately benefits users of smart phones. Because of the great market of smart phone users, many other mobile manufacturing companies have come into the market of making smart phones.


It has not been disclose how many people they plan to train. However, some news reports state that some of the outsourcing firms in the country were jumping on the bandwagon as well. The National Skill Development Corporation or NSDC in India has partnered with the tech giant Google to train young people in developing Android applications. Under the developing Android applications course, every participant would have to undergo 100 hours of training. If successful, the training program would give birth to a new kind of an outsourcing industry that offers to develop mobile applications instead of software services.

For many years the outsourcing firms in India have developed as well as maintained web applications for thousands of clients all over the world. With the rise of smart phones and devices, there has been tremendous demand for affordable mobile apps development. The outsourcing service providers in the country have never truly excelled in this field. Furthermore, the mobile application development industry in the country is smaller. The head of the Google Developer Training, Peter Lubbers stated that Google believe that India is situated uniquely to innovate and shape the internet experience of billions of users who are and would come online on the Android platform. India needs to train 240 million in IT by 2020 to keep up with the growth in the worldwide technology market.  With millions of engineering graduates at its disposal, luring young people in India to the training program would be easy. What proves to be tough is making a mark in the world market for mobile application development.

Google unveiled the certification program to grain and certify developers in the country over the next three years. The training would be available for free across colleges and universities in the country. Google hopes to offer affordable access to world class educational and skilling program for developers.

In the next three years, young people in India would be given a great opportunity to undergo the Android application development training not just to learn developing apps for the operating system but to further boost their knowledge and expertise in app programming. The Google initiative will benefit the mobile app development market in India and the application developers as well.

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