Green up Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

The competition is strong in every industry. Businesses are booming they have to compete for every customer. It often isn’t enough to have a product that meets the needs of the users or organize the most effective marketing campaign.

Your business practices that happen behind closed doors and away from the eyes of your clients are also being used to determine whether a customer and a business are a good match. Committing your business to eco-friendly policies isn’t only good for the environment it’s also good for the business itself because it makes both you and your customer a part of something larger than a simple business transaction.

Set a carbon footprint goal

This is both a good policy and a good marketing move. Start by having an energy audit of your company and determine how big your carbon footprint actually is. Decide on a goal for lowering it and on a timeframe in which to do it. A ten percent decrees is a reasonable goal to have. Make your plans known and set a timer on your company website. The easiest way to cut back on a carbon expenses is to organize a carpool lane or to provide your employees with bicycles and cut car transport altogether.

A living wall

A living wall makes a great addition to your office, makes it look modern and slick and it’s a way to save money on heating and other utility bills. A living wall is a panel of plants on a free-standing platform or attached to the actual wall. It improves the air quality significantly and keeps the office cooler, thus lowering your electricity bill. The wall also reduces noise level which is pretty important if your office is located in a busy part of town.

Go solar

Going solar is one of the best financial decisions your business could make. The expenses related to heating and electricity can really add up and affect your bottom line. Finally going off the grid will help you save money and really commit your business to green and sustainable energy resources. Some solar energy solutions like the ones from Natural Solar will allow you to make the change gradually by using solar energy only when you are able to and relying on the electric grid the rest of the time.


Regardless of how digital and modern your business is, there’s always a need for a lot of printed material and most of it is wasted or just superfluous. Make a conscious effort to reduce the number of documents you print or to make them more eco-friendly if you can’t avoid printing. Never forget to use recycled paper. The paper that contains at least 30 percent of recycled waste is an acceptable choice. But don’t stop there, pay attention to what materials have been used to bleach the paper and make it useable again. The goal should be not to use materials containing chlorine.

Create a community

Some of the work is done on a day to day basis by using the right materials and finding the best practices. On the other hand, there’s also work on building awareness of the environmental issues and creating a community to tackle them. Try to associate your business only with the vendors that stick to the same practices as you do. Every now and then, you should go the extra mile and use your connections and influence to organize a fundraiser and donate to the worthy environmental causes.

Making your business green is good for the environment and it helps you establish yourself in the community and connect your business with something larger than just making a profit.


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