Help your Customers Manage Their Time with Time Management iOS App

Apple iPhone is the dream for many. Do you know the reason behind it? Probably because Apple never lags behind in its innovative iOS application development. It is known for its innovations and frequently comes up with unique apps to offer to its lovers.

In today’s mobile driven world, most of the people, whether its children, adults, oldies are often involved into their mobiles. They don’t get time for their families. A continuous contact with the mobile screen even ruins their eyesight.

Taking a note of such circumstances, what if you can build an app that allows the users to understand the time they spend on mobile and websites. Similar to what the new Apple iOS 12 features out. Taking the help of an iOS app development company, build an app that helps users to know the number of times they use mobile and receive notifications during the day.

Curious to know how such an app would work? Let us dive deep into it.

Screen Time Checker:

The all new iOS 12 gives an insight to the iOS users to know the total time they spend on mobile and categories of mobile apps. It allows the user to set a time limit to be on the mobile screen or app. This feature displays a notification on the screen when the time is about to expire.

Moreover, it allows the parents to check where their children spend their time from their own iOS app. Incase their children use some apps from their device, the app allows parents to set a limit for their kids. One can even set a block of time which denies using the mobile during their bedtime.

Amazing isn’t it? You can also create such an app by acquiring services from an iOS application development company.

DND- Interruptions Reducer

People often doubt to put any number in the “Do not Disturb” category as it often prevents important messages or calls. Result? They get frequent disturbance. Why can’t one get to temporarily put a contact number in do not disturb?

Apple iOS 12 has come up featuring “Do Not Disturb”. It is a powerful time management tool that allows users to stay and enjoy the moments like dinner, meeting or studying in class, etc. One just needs to set the time and this feature blocks any calls or messages for the time being. However, it allows some important message related to health or some others.

User can also put critical alert notification related to some calls or messages so that DND does not prevent it.

Wrapping Up

iOS is known for its innovations in app development. Why don’t you acquire iOS app development services from an iOS provider and build such fantastic apps which iOS 12 features.

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