Helpful Tips to Save Money for a Small Business Startup

Some small businesses are launched on a shoestring budget of a few hundred dollars, but many others require thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars more to get established. Substantial funds may be required for product development, equipment or machine purchases, office and facility space, marketing and advertising and much more. If you have already created a business plan and have determined your financial need, you may be trying to come up with a way to fund your venture. There are a few excellent options to consider as you prepare to launch your business.


Find a Part-Time Job

Using venture capital or applying for a business loan may be some options to consider, but some small business owners prefer to put more of their own money into the venture. This can ensure that your business remains fully owned by you and can reduce the need to take on debt. One idea is to take on a part-time job for a short period of time. By working a second job for a few months before the launch and saving every penny, you may be able to amass enough to launch your venture. Some new business owners will even continue to work two jobs while managing to launch their business as well. This can be exhausting and complicated, but it may help you to more easily find the capital your business needs and help to pay bills until it becomes a profitable venture.


Refinance Your House

If you need a substantial amount of money and are a homeowner, refinancing your house and using home equity may make sense. When you refinance your house, you may qualify for a very low interest rate because the house is used as collateral. In addition, you may be able to pull tens of thousands of dollars of equity out of the house. This substantial amount of money may be just what you need to get the business started. The interest on the loan may be tax deductible, which is an additional benefit that can make this option more affordable. In some cases, homeowners have so much equity established that they can take money out of the house and lower the monthly payment at the same time. This can be a true benefit when you are trying to launch a new business. You should, however, be aware of the risk associated with taking on home debt to fund a new business.


Adjust Your Budget

Many startups operate in the red for a few months or even years before they turn a profit for the business owner. During this time, you may use up all of the capital you have available, and you may even need to dig further into your own savings to keep your venture afloat. It is wise to trim back in every way possible before you start your new business. Take a closer look at your personal budget, and cut costs line by line. For example, you can shop around for low insurance costs, and you can refinance your car loan. You may be so busy that you do not need to pay for cable TV, and you may eliminate this expense altogether. Most expenses can be trimmed back at least slightly, and the cumulative result can be substantial.

Creating a functional startup budget for your new venture is an important step to take before you launch your business. You must accurately project how much money you will need to launch your business and to sustain it until it can turn a profit. By making this projection with accuracy, you can then explore the many options available for raising the necessary capital. This process can take considerable time and effort, but you will find that it is a necessary and critical step to take before launching your business. Then, you can use some of these helpful tips raise the required funds your business will need.

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Comment by Barry Sharf on April 18, 2017 at 2:12am

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Comment by Patricia King on April 18, 2017 at 4:41am

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