For those who have at least some mechanical ability, a home tool set is essential. The most important home tools are probably pliers in 3 sizes, 5 or 6 screw drivers in various sizes, 1 hammer, a drill with drill bits in graduated sizes and a wrench set. This probably sounds like a lot, but the cost for all of these tools together will be less than one service call to accomplish a minor repair. Apollo offers just such a home tool set, including the cordless power drill, for less than $50.00 and it includes free shipping. Some sets are even less.

Then there are a few special items that are so handy you may decide to include them. One is a core drill bit. Sounds fancy, but really is a tool that will cut a small or big round hole. If you need to thread a wire through the wall, a ¼" core drill bit will make a neat little hole for you. If you need to make a larger hole to slip a new pipe through a cabinet, there is a core drill bit for that. Many come with diamond dust cutting edges so you can neatly cut through hard surfaces like marble or tile without chipping.
Another special item is the cat5e patch. Not such a bad idea to have an extra on hand, at only $4.00 each. What is it? It is the connector that helps you regain your internet connection after you break off the little lever of the old one. It even comes in assorted colors. They come in assorted lengths to accommodate the distance from computer tower to box that usually varies from house to house.
It would be a good idea to include at least one medium sized torque wrench with your home tool set for those times when you need to tighten a nut just enough, but not too much. The torque wrench will allow you to measure the foot pounds you apply as you tighten so you do not strip the threads of the bolt.
The cordless drill, or one with a cord, has a multitude of uses. It is easy to insert the drill bit for a screw, apply to screw and zip the screw into the wall, table leg, chair or whatever. If you have ever tried to install several screws the old fashioned way, with your hand and a screwdriver, you know that it is hard and you will end up with several blisters. There are times when the drill is too big to fit into a tight corner. That calls for the screw driver with the ultra short handle. If you have several, you will get blisters. Just remind yourself that you have saved a bundle on service calls.

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