How Big Data Is Beginning To Disrupt The Legal Industry

The average person on the street doesn’t know anything about big data. How do you think you’d explain it to them in less than 2 minutes? Maybe you could say it’s how companies like Amazon know the exact products you want to buy.

Big data sounds like it could be dangerous in the wrong hands. People need to realize it’s going to help out tremendously in certain industries. The legal industry is one such example. Here are a few ways it’s going to disrupt everything.

1. Lawyers Will Have Better Customer Retention

According to Ankin Law Office LLC, lawyers will begin using big data in a similar way to other companies. They’ll do this to save lots for money. For example, a higher retention rate equals bigger profits.

Do you know why law firms lose clients at the moment? Call waiting times might increase, appointments could be rescheduled too often, plus lots of other things. Software can dig into this data to find any abnormalities.

2. You Want To Know Everything About Judges

It’s not just the jury and prosecutor you have to deal with when you’re a lawyer. Every judge will come with their own set of difficulties. In time, hopefully you’ll get to know what makes each one tick.

When you want a high win percentage time is not on your side. You want to win cases straight away, so how will you learn about judges? ‘Judges Analytics’ lets you see their history and you’ll know what they’re sympathetic towards.

3. Gaining A New Perspective On Their Cases

Do you have any idea how many emails you have to deal with on a yearly basis? A lawyer will get over 17,000, and they’ll need to reply to a large percentage of them. They only have a finite amount of hours in the day.

When will they have the time to analyze old files to see if they can attack their cases from a different angle? In the future, they won’t have to worry. Software will tell you the ultimate way to approach each case.

4. Electronic Discovery At A Deeper Level

Electronic discovery is vital when it comes to winning cases, but sometimes the devil is in the details. If you read lots of documents you could search for hours without finding anything significant.

Big data can dive into things like the metadata to see how many times it’s been revised. Suddenly, an insignificant document might contain more than initially expected. You could never dig this deep without software.

5. Cases Can Be Settled Quicker Than Before

If you look on InformationWeek you’ll see cases can be settled a lot quicker. Is technology now sending defendants to jail? Technically, it is jailing offenders. It’s obviously not doing it directly.

Let’s assume a lawyer is defending someone they know is guilty. They won’t know how the trial is going to turn out. However, if software is telling them it’s not looking good they’ll be more inclined to accept a deal.

We Could Talk About This For Hours

Who knew big data was so important in the legal industry? Wait until tech savvy lawyers find even more ways to use it to their advantage. The only reason big data could never convict people is because lawyers would lose their jobs.

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