How Businesses can convince their customers for their cyber security

Back in the day data security was not a problem and there were no serious threats of data theft. Nowadays it seems to be a serious issue and customers of corporations look for data security. Since this threat cannot be neglected, companies are putting their maximum efforts to solve this issue. Customers are hyper-aware of their data security risk and businesses are wanting to retain their customers by taking necessary steps. How one can assure?

A good business data security consists of a clear data breach policy and communication plan. Policy on data security should be made in line with vendors, stating your company goals and vision clearly. You can’t assure customers of their data security without knowing exactly what the actual case is?


The vendors you work with can expose your customers’ data to risk, as well. Before hiring vendors, you should cross-check their certifications and policies. The certifications like Check Point Certified Security Administrator NGX (CCSA NGX), Cisco Qualified Specialist Program, CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker, GSEC: SANS GIAC Security Essentials, CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Symantec, and Microsoft certifications are also required for security assurances. The basic and standard security essentials of PCI certification, as well as adherence to ISO 27000, an international security standard, and NIST 1,800-53, a U.S. standard.


Certifications are provided to make sure data security is in the hands of trustworthy vendors and the partnership between business and vendor is secured. The statements are also provided to the customers which clearly states that your priority is your customers and their data security. Customers want complete assurance and safety of what they shared, Walmart is one company that has made an effort to clarify its commitment to customer security in a thorough and public way. Walmart’s website includes clear statements on privacy, identify theft, fraud alerts, information sharing, mobile security and even specific technical details on phishing attacks and other security-related items.

Data breach policy

Data breach should be well communicated and the response plan should be well executed. Businesses always prepare a backup plan and the data restoration is the utmost priority. A further investigation is carried out which provides a detail report of the breach. Loop holes and further threats are figured out, individuals responsible for this are charged under cybercrime act. Businesses publish a final statement regarding the breach; communicating the intensity, protocol lost and recovery of the breach. The response plan should be quick and well-executed as customers are high data risk-averse.

With all the threats and attacks, customers require business assurances and data security. It can be a scary world out there for consumers. With all the high-profile security breaches in the news lately, it’s no wonder consumers are hyperaware of their own risk and looking for reassurance. It’s important for businesses to understand just how deep these consumer concerns are, and to go the extra mile to assure security-savvy customers just how seriously their protection is being taken. To get information about cyber security you can learn information from online courses and di...

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