How Can a Personal Loan EMI Calculator Help You?

Personal loans can be easily defined as an unsecured loan option as the lenders do not ask the applicants to keep a collateral against the loan amount. As personal loans are considered unsecured, many people prefer them over other loans. Also, the usage of funds from personal loans are not monitored by the lender, which makes it easy for the applicant to use the funds according to their financial needs.

Similar to that of calculators which help you in determining the right number, a personal loan EMI calculator helps you to determine the right interest amount. There are two ways through which you can calculate your personal loan EMI.

1. You can consult a loan agent available at the financial institution, as he can help you simplify your personal loan and explain all the terms and conditions related to it.

2. You can also get your loan calculated through the lender's website.

Even though your lender charges you a low rate of interest, calculating the interest amount that you are required to pay over your personal loan is utmost important. Calculating your personal loan EMI can help you analyse the exact interest amount that you will be paying. The interest amount that you pay depends upon two factors: The loan amount you borrow and the tenor that you are borrowing it for. These two factors, thus, help you calculate the exact EMI amount that you will be paying to your lender.

Loan amount:
The interest amount that you pay on your loan depends upon the amount you are borrowing. As a financial emergency cannot be predicted, similarly you cannot determine the exact amount you will require during the same. If the amount required is huge, then you might have to pay a high-interest amount and vice versa.


Similar to the loan amount, the interest amount that you are charged will vary depending on what loan tenor you choose. Financial institutions offer you two options when it comes to loan tenor: Long-term and Short-term. Depending on the personal loan tenor that you pick, the lender will charge you interest. The interest amount that you pay on a long-term loan tenor is high.

After knowing the significance of loan amount and loan tenor. Let us understand how a Online EMI calculator works:

Personal loan EMI calculator:

An EMI calculator can be used to determine the exact interest amount which you will be paying for your personal loan. At times, you might be aware of the interest rate charged by your lender but might not know the exact EMI you are required to pay. If you come across such a situation, the Online EMI calculator can help.

If you are using an EMI calculator, it is recommended that you refer the calculator on your lender's website, to be clear about the instalments which are to be paid. Talking about the personal loan EMI calculator, while calculating the EMI amount it is essential to enter the exact loan amount and the loan tenor that you are borrowing your personal loan for. The loan EMI calculator will vary from each financial institution.

Many people think that there are a lot of complexities when it comes to using the personal loan EMI calculator, but the truth is, it is pretty easy. Thus, if you are planning to borrow a personal loan, then an EMI calculator will prove to be very beneficial in your quest to secure the right personal loan offer.

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