How Can Colocation Services Help Enterprises?

So what is Colocation? How is going to help business enterprises? Let us start by dealing with each of the questions at a time. Colocation is a co-location or a carrier hotel is a data center where space, equipment, and bandwidth are rented to business enterprises to store the data and information they generate on a regular basis. Additional systems such as power systems, cooling systems, physical security, telecommunication systems, and networks are also provided to protect, secure, and safeguard the data stored in the colocation centers.

The colocation centers provide spaces for rent to business enterprises of any volume. A small scale company can store its data alongside a global enterprise at a colocation center. The enterprises will pay for the space they rent and the additional services they utilize. The colocation space is called a colo in short. Various types of equipment are used to store the data depending on the requirements of the enterprises.

Some enterprises do not wish to share the power and cooling systems with other enterprises. In such instances, the enterprises pay an additional price for the facilities as they want to be exclusive for them alone. Here, a question might arise about why the enterprises do not opt to have their own data centers instead of paying the colocation centers.

They have many valid reasons to do so. Some of those are as follows.

  • The cost of building an infrastructure for a data center is quite high.
  • An additional workforce has to be employed to maintain the database.
  • Technology is ever changing. The enterprises will have to keep themselves updated on a regular basis to keep up with the changes. This involves additional expenditure.
  • Physical security is one of the most crucial aspects. The data centers have to be kept secure so that the information stored in them is not tampered with.
  • Investing in cooling systems such as fire protection, air conditioners, water cooling, etc. is expensive.
  • The enterprises will not have enough time to focus on the core aspects of the business.
  • There is no risk mitigation or investment protection.
  • There will be no tax reduction benefits that the colocation centers offer their clients.
  • The amount of natural resources used will increase causing negative effects on the environment.

The multi-tenant colocation space has,

  • Cabinets
    • A locking unit that holds the server rack is called a cabinet. The power and cooling systems will be shared by the tenants.
  • Cages
    • Surrounded by mesh walls and a locking door, the cages are on raised floors. The power and cooling systems are shared with tenants.
  • Suites
    • A private server space that is dedicated to a single tenant with fully enclosed partitions and a locked door. The cooling and power systems may or may not be shared.
  • Modules
    • With standardized components that can be easily added or removed to make space or add more equipment to cater to more tenants, the modules are the latest and best way to manage the limited space in the colocations.
    • Another advantage of these modules is that the tenants have to pay only for the space they rent in the data center.

The leading company that offers the colocation space for rent is known for,

  • Providing the services at a price much less when compared to others in the market.
  • Using local, new renewable energy resources to substitute the use of natural resources.
  • Investing extensively in research and developmentin an attempt to innovate latest facility standards.
  • Manufacturing around 80% of its data center.
  • Lowered risk of loss of data due to natural disasters.
  • Emphasis on the physical security of the colocation by having a multi-level security system.
  • Additional carriers and network systemsto enable continuous access to the data stored in the colocation.
  • Multiple power centers that provide uninterrupted power supply to keep the colocation powered at all times.

Business enterprises will save money on operational costs by storing their valuable data in the colocation centers. The Tier 5 Platinum Standard Facility is the most advanced colocation facility standard is the market.

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