How can large format printing help in promoting a business?

If you are looking to promote your business then large format printing is one of the most effective options to achieve this goal. Wide format printing can help you deliver the right message to the right audience base and help you easily beat the competition. In the following sections, we will look at how large format printing helps in brand promotion.

The usefulness of Large Format Printing in Business Promotions:

Brand Recognition

The main benefit of large format printing is that it helps in increasing the visibility of your brand. People can view your advertisement and your brand message from a distance. No one will be able to turn a blind eye to an advertisement that is 65 by 110 feet.

Additionally, larger size means this type of printing can accommodate bigger images and font styles that are not possible otherwise, helping you get an edge over your competitors.

Versatile Medium

You can use large format printing on different types of marketing material whether it is decals, stickers, banners, or posters. Thus, your business will be able to grab the attention of prospective customers irrespective of marketing material being used.

Moreover, it will give you the opportunity to utilize marketing material more creatively. Lastly, you can utilize wide format printing Toronto in different ways, it will become possible to consistently advertise your business across different mediums.


A wide format sign, billboard, or banner with the right message and in the right location can help you get better ROI. All you will have to ensure is that it has long exposure potential so that the maximum number of prospective customers are able to see it.

High Impact Advertising

High-quality large format printing Toronto results in clear and sharp images, which are visible from distance and help in increasing brand recognition. Wide format material with details about discounts and deals you are offering will help in instantly catching the attention of your prospective customers while they are shopping in nearby locations.

Similarly, it is an ideal option of enticing attendees when you are participating in a trade exhibition or show. Large format prints will help you stand out from the rest since your advert will be easily visible due to its large scale. With the right call to action, your advert will be able to generate a higher number of footfalls to your booth and result in a greater number of lead generation during the event.

No surplus

The good thing about large format printing is that it makes it possible to print on demand. In the usual offset printing, it is only possible to carry out printing in bulk.

But, this is not so when you are opting for large format printing since you can get the prints as per quantity required. This means you will not have to worry about the unwanted surplus.

Better Presentation

Large format printing helps in better presentation of services a business provides. For instance, a contractor can better present room plans or interior designers a showcase design concept for a room on a larger scale. Large format printers let you produce marketing collateral with graphics, colors, and images that are not possible with normal printers.

Similarly, architects can develop a home's schematics to highlight the physical structure of a home and its foundation in a more detailed manner using wide format printing Toronto.

Utilize Vehicle Graphics

Large format printing can be used for printing attractive vehicle graphics. If your business is such that your team has to spend a majority of time traveling on the road then vehicle graphics can become a medium of promotion for your business.

It will be like a moving billboard that travels all around the city, promoting your products and services. The high-quality large format prints will deliver your brand message and ensure that customers remember it.

Utilize Empty Space

If there is enough outside wall space in your office building then it can be utilized and converted into wide format mural. However, you will have to ensure that the subject matter of the mural adheres to your brand message.

For instance, if someone has an outdoor outfitting business then an image depicting a lake that is surrounded by greenery will be the right choice. Thus, large format printing can help you develop eye-catching imagery and draw the attention of prospective customers.

Similarly, if your business uses a mascot then you can create cardboard cut out of the mascot and use it your retail location. This will help in creating an environment of excitement and fun that will surely make your customers interested in visiting your store.

Varied Printing Collaterals

Large format printing helps in business promotions since you can select from different printing materials based upon your business requirement.

Posters: We have all heard that a picture can be more effective than a thousand words. Now imagine those thousand words are printed over a poster that is 8.5x11 inch in size. The words will be hard to read. However, if the same text is printed over a poster that is 24x36 inch wide then it will attract the attention of people.

Window Films: If exterior walls do not have required space to put your advertisement then what you can do is utilize windows in your office building. Large format printing over window films provides you a great marketing opportunity. This way you will be able to easily attract the attention of customers passing across your storefront.

Banners: Banners are an excellent means of promotion and when combined with large format printing, they can effectively deliver your advertising message.

Feather Flags: All throughout the day numerous cars, cyclists, pedestrians pass through your storefront on a daily basis. Wide-format printing on feather flags can turn into a useful marketing tool that is able to capture the attention of people and draw them towards your business.

As we can see, large format printing is imperative if you are serious about promoting your business. In case, you are looking for large format printing Toronto service provider then give us a call and we will suggest ways you can utilize wide format printing to gain better exposure for your business.

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Marinos is the founder at MGS Marketing Print.Graphics - marketing, creative, printing, and design studio in Toronto. Marinos' skill set and experience in the print and graphics industry stems 15+ years experience, and his greatest expertise revolves in the world of interactive design.

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