How can Uber like app solution boost the revenue of your trucking Business?

We are very much known about the Uberization of Logistics. The fast and dynamic changes related to “Uberization” has changed the scenarios of logistics. It always means to have the most rapid delivery, when the word Uber comes into the mind along with beyond expectations.

The platforms like Uber have enlarged the level of trucking and logistics industry. Moreover, the success ratio of platforms and the service like uber have enhanced the trucking industry with technology. The trucking means merely to the cargo from origin to destination alike taxi Industry.

The Trucking Industry and its Uberization:-

Well, according to the American Trucking Association, “The revenue for the Freight Trucking global market will be expected to reach 6,252.81 billion dollars by 2025.”Same as the revenue of United States in which statistics shows that this market will reach around $355 billion.

Solutions that must took into consideration while developing Trucking apps like Uber:-

Wipe out the inefficiencies in the Transportation sector: - App like uber increase the efficiency in the transportation sector. The platform-like uber provides the new way of working criteria and so much of benefits which includes better conveniences, real-time tracking management and affordability which connects the shipper’s truck drivers easier than before. The long-term trucking services can boost the industry of transportation in various ways, and Mobile Application Development Services providers can better upgrade the application as per the changing technologies.

Connectivity of truck drivers and shipping personnel in real time: - It is very important to ensure the term “shipper” initially. Shipper is the one or company who is the owner of commodities. It can be called as Consignor. An app like Uber can enable the trucking shippers to track the driver in real time. It wipes out the need for the middleman. It not just connect the truck drivers and shippers in real time but provides the software solutions to shippers. It ensures the user of the app to handle specific issues which can slow down the process of transport, includes documentation, a method of payment and delivery confirmation. While an app like UBER for trucking, you as shipper can track the exact location of driver and vehicle in real-time.

Advantages like Less of paperwork, No Deadheads and transparency in Pricing:- Application like UBER include two sides of the app for Shipper’s side & Truck Driver App. The application provides all the truck drivers access for the shippers, real-time location info and the status of shipment without having any phone call. Moreover, the carriers or truck drivers gets price transparency through UBER-like platforms. Along with that fast payment processing’s, less of the paper work and competitive pricing. The Uber like platform has eliminated the risk associated with traditional shipments. Uber for trucking undoubtedly gives transparent, fast and affordable solutions to the owner of the trucking business to manage the fleet efficiently.

Conclusive Comment:- Application like Uber has very much potential to enlarge the trucking business. As an owner, you can efficiently manage the fleet management and remove the tough scenarios, which might slow down the trucking business. If you are looking to upgrade yourself with development related to the Uber like trucking app, then you can discuss with us as a leading web application development company enriched with so much experience in development. The consultation is free.

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