How CRM Integrated Surveys Can Help Businesses

With the rise of business opportunities & concerns, modern businesses are looking forward to integrate online surveys with CRM. Everybody is raving about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems these days. We see dozens of system integrations are available to help leverage business data as efficiently as it comes in. CRM integrated surveys help businesses of all sizes become a lot more competent at selling.

Moreover, the needs of satisfying customers are easily served through CRM integrated surveys. Asking for customer feedback is not only ideal for examining the potential levels of customer satisfaction, but also an apt way for your business to flourish and evolve with improved results. CRM integrated surveys may give previously unexplored business insights and get to know the areas where you need to improve.


To know how such surveys empower businesses with better automation, we need to first understand the difference between general online surveys and CRM integrated surveys. CRM surveys help you quickly get feedback from all your contacts which is then automatically stored in your database for automated presentation of data using well designed and interactive graphs. And once the analysis is done you can take up actionable items and start improving customer experiences almost immediately. On the other hand, general online surveys will require you to connect the dots yourself – organize contacts, collate data and present it, find out a way to act upon the data. Amidst all this, you may lose out valuable time and opportunities.


Your company’s reputation comes first. And it is easy to manage reputation when you have the perfect and well integrated system to help gather customer feedback and act upon that feedback to improve your brand perception. Better automation would lead to better management of customer feedback and suggestions resulting in better customer feedback and better brand reputation. Today, businesses need to be customer centric for brand building, improving every customer interaction.


With surveys the most important aspect is the accuracy of the data that you are capturing. With CRM integration, you can collect the right information, mostly in a timely manner. And the biggest advantage is, following up with customers becomes effortless using details supplemented through CRM like customers’ choices, needs, dislikes, contact information, scores, geographical information, etc. Likewise, knowing the potential value of customers, based on their requirements and purchase history, will help you form decisions about which problems to solve first.


If you have listed the latent business opportunities, then, you are doing great! You can certainly convert an opportunity into your customers. But, how? You can ask them about their particular needs and trail towards your destination. Once you have feedback with you, further you can measure opportunities based on their reactions – replies. This is how you can reach to your desired goals. However, all this would only take place if you have a survey well integrated with your CRM system.


For your customers, the most significant factor is, their problems get solved without any hassle. With CRM integrated surveys, even the smallest issue gets solved within a few minutes. You can easily communicate with them and understand their complaints immediately. Once the issues (data) is stored, you can make that data actionable and put it into your CRM workflow; thus it is helpful in future as well.


If you already have CRM surveys, then pulling out the right data from the right people is simple. By creating customized surveys in a smart way, you can use your CRM system to set opportunities in front of the right audiences at the right time.


To convert more sales, it is imperative to act upon opportunities through surveys. CRM integrated surveys help you focus on customer requirements and handle customer’s actions immediately. Let’s take an example, if you create a satisfaction survey and it shows low satisfaction scores associated with high attrition, you can start taking actions to boost customer satisfaction and increase retention.


Thus, CRM surveys help you get accurate business data with better control and visibility over the lead generation. They are a great helping hand when it comes to fostering strong customer relationships and rebuilding internal processes. With combined data of opportunities and transparent customer feedback, strong business growth is very much achievable.

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