How Do Chatbots and AI Impact Customer Education

Every business owner has been someone’s customer in their lifetime. The negative things that you’ve experienced as a customer should teach you how to avoid these mistakes in your work. In terms of teaching, it’s important to constantly educate your customers about your services and upcoming deals. This is where artificial intelligence and clever chatbots can help you make a difference. Stay with us to learn more about the use of cutting-edge AI solutions in the customer service department.

Faster access to basic product information

AI-powered chatbots work and perform better when they’re programmed for a particular segment of customer service. Even though fully responsive, human-like bots are being developed, it will take a while for these AI agents to become regular members of support teams. In the meantime, machine agents can help customers gain fast access to basic service information.

What’s more, business owners should bear in mind that this new generation of customer agents perfectly matches the new generation of customers: Millennials.

Some recent studies have shown that Millennials prefer communicating with chatbots to talking to call agents. Their strong need to get what they want instantly goes together with the ability of chatbots to make instant replies to their requests. This is why deploying a chatbot to help answer simple queries is the best way to make sure your customers get the answer they are looking for, when they are looking for them.

Still, when a request or a problem to handle become too complex, chatbots will still redirect user to a real person.

AI features for better email categorization

Modern businesses collect terabytes of data about their customers. The end goal of this process is to learn more about their behavior, so that customers can be offered as many tailor-made options as possible.

This approach yields numerous benefits in terms of savings and customer retention. When you know what your customers’ expectations, desires, and plans are, you can develop a friendly relationship with them. What’s also important is that fact that when a customer realizes that somebody has made an effort to meet their needs in advance, they’ll be much more likely to stick to your service than look at what the competition has to offer.

When you add AI-enhanced chatbots to this formula, you get a great combination for better B2C communication in the future. For example, processing customers’ emails could be done by AI technology. Having a human worker categorize and redirect emails is a waste of workforce and assets as is.

But if you program an AI-enhanced program to scan all the incoming emails and redirect them to the appropriate departments in your company, you’ll speed up the entire communication process. Your customers will be able to receive responses to their requests as soon as possible and your employees will work on more fulfilling tasks.

Consistent and reliable support

Research conducted by NewVoiceMedia in 2016 has revealed that US businesses annually lose as much as $69 billion due to bad customer support.

Similarly, customers are more likely to tell other people about a bad experience they’ve had with a customer service than about a good one.

In this case, the claim that bad publicity is good publicity doesn’t sound too comforting. In this day and age, when people are growing more and more demanding about service quality, no business can afford to lose a customer because of an arrogant or moody service agent.

Implementing AI technology in customer service departments helps business owners reduce the risk of inconsistent and unreliable support. Your chatbot will provide your customers only with the information they’ve been programmed to share. For all other details, they’ll redirect them to a person who can give them in-depth assistance.

Digital A(I)ssistants for smooth operations

Apart from chatbots and email scanners, we’re witnessing the implementation of chatbots for more responsible tasks.

For instance, Bank of America have introduced their digital financial assistant E....

You can communicate with this digital agent via text messages or voice inquiries. Instead of wasting your time standing in line in the bank or ricocheting from one human agent to another, Erica can help you with numerous banking services. These include checking your loan payment schedule, going through your past transactions, locking or unlocking your cards, and many others.

Other companies are including such digital aides in their work as we speak.


Customer service users and chatbots are learning new things on the go. The former are trying to grasp all the innovations that provide them with improved customer support, while the latter are using gathered data in order to serve the former in a more advanced way. In the meantime, business owners should keep deploying new AI customer assistants and giving them broader responsibilities. All these novelties are expected to result in well-informed customers and AI assistants with human-like abilities.

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