How Does Magento Make Australia Shipping Process More Effective?

You might have a huge and fancy website that flaunts and sells plenty of products. But do your products reach your customers on-time? Is your shipping strategy effective enough to resolve the tiniest glitches on the way? These are the aspects that matter. And if your answer to these questions is no, you need to ensure that you provide seamless product delivery by using the right shipping method. magento-shipping-01-01-01.jpg

When it comes to finding the most popular and the best working shipping platform, the name of Magento Commerce often comes up. It helps the merchants to take care of different shipping processes in the most cost-effective way. And in case, some features and functionalities go missing, they can always integrate a Magento Shipping Extension with their website to streamline their shipping process. By doing so, they can have better control over shipping activities, keep cart abandonments at bay, and make their business profitable.

So, what are the ways in which you can make your shipping process more effective with Magento? Let’s try to know about it in detail:


Ecommerce store owners who have ventured the ecommerce market with a new website often offer their customers with free shipping. Especially, because they would want to attract more customers and grow their customer base. To be able to do so, they can enable free of charge shipping option on their Magento configuration.

As a modern retailer, you should also know that free shipping isn’t the only method that helps you prevent shipping costs from eating away your profits. You can also make the most out of other Magento shipping methods like Table and Flat Rates. Apart from these in-built features, you use other options like Signature on Delivery, addition of insurance charges, multiple shipping services etc. by integrating a Magento Shipping Extension.


Shipping and packaging are the two of the most important aspects for any ecommerce store owner. And hence, you would want them to be under your control. To be able to do this, you will have to upgrade your Magento installation with customized modules. Australia post shipping extension can help you optimize the packaging process by cutting down your shipping costs.

You can make use of the extension to create different shipping dimensions and custom dimensional units. You can also set different parameters like height, width, length etc.; both manually and automatically. By doing so, you can drastically improve the shipping process at your store and make it seamless for you and your customers.


Customers hate last minute surprises. Especially, the ones that involve paying extra costs. The results, of course, are cart abandonment! If you want to keep such issues at bay, you must display your shipping policy wholly and completely. This will give your customers a better understanding as to whether or not they want to make the purchase. Magento 2 comes with a default functionality that enables you to do so.

For enabling it, you have to log in to the admin panel, go to Stores > Stores > Configuration > Shipping Settings. Thereafter, go to the Shipping Policy Parameters’ section, configure Apply Custom Shipping Policy to “Yes” and write the policy text next to the field. You can save the configuration and display the text for your customers when they checkout.


In case you want to boost your basket size, Magento 2 enables you to manage free shipping promotions. All you need to do is display shipping options to your customers based on their location, products, your warehouses etc. You can also provide them with different options like free shipping, flat rate shipping, international shipping, same day shipping etc.

With all the above shipping options in place and many more, you can drive more people on your website and convert them. In case you want a special feature, you can also get in touch with a company that sells Magento Australia Post Shipping Extensions.

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