How Does Odoo 11 Theme Increase Sales Figure of Your Startup?

One of the biggest pain points for a startup is to have the right approach for the UI of the website. You may not either have data or the best knowledge of the design you should opt. Odoo offers an easy solution for this hurdle. Odoo eCommerce themes can make your store friendlier for customers.
A customized Odoo 11 theme addresses your business requirements with updated features and optimized performance. It is interesting to jot down a few noteworthy aspects of this theme, which can assist in boosting your sales figures. Following are such points:

1.  Cost-effectiveness

One of the biggest pain points for any startup is budget constraints. But, when it comes to Odoo 11 theme development, there is no need to worry. The theme development is cost-effective and offers a plethora of features for your startup. Also, you can use this theme for either a single page website or a robust website with multiple pages without any difficulty.

2. Customizable Product Sliders

You can show products in a way your customers like on the homepage. Customizable product sliders enable you to display products differently. You can either show multiple products with sliders or a specific product without slider. It helps you offer better shopping experience. Also, your customers can get better idea about the main products of your store.

3. Rich Snippet Library

Odoo 11 has a rich snippet library. You can use readymade snippets to serve many objectives. You can also show services with an image and content. It is also easy to highlight a specific service with the help of a snippet. From pricing table to testimonials, and FAQs to events, you can display everything in an interesting way by using snippets.

4. CMS Options

CMS pages have a vital role to play in building rapport. Your startup can gain trust of customers with ‘About Us’ and ‘Why Choose Us’ pages. A tailored Odoo 11 theme offers many customization options for CMS pages as well. Whether you have a B2C or B2B startup, you can get plenty of options to show content in such pages.

That’s not all. A customized Odoo 11 theme has many such attributes that contribute to ensuring the success of your startup.


Odoo has gained ground as a complete eCommerce solution in a short time. All you need to select the right theme from a vast array of Odoo eCommerce themes to boost sales of your startup.

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