How Does Odoo Handle Complex Accounting Processes?

Accountancy has always been a complex issue for SMEs and large enterprises. Whether it is an expansion of business or daily transactions, everything requires the utmost care. This is where technology lends a helping hand! It offers you two types of accounting software solutions. One is individual or a feature-centric software. However, it cannot serve all the objectives.

And the second is ERP solution. It has a potential to bring a radical change in the way of conducting business processes. This is a reason why many companies prefer ERP over feature-centric software. But here is a twist: Out of many available ERP solutions, only a few can handle the accounting processes seamlessly.
Odoo is an open source ERP software solution. It gains ground as a robust accounting partner for the businesses. All you need to have customized Odoo apps and Odoo themes. They enable you to make the most out of this business management solution. But, is Odoo suitable to address the modern accounting requirements? Yes, for sure. Let’s consider the features that make Odoo fit for handling accounting processes.

Odoo- As an ERP Accounting Module

We know Odoo more as an eCommerce and business management solution. What if we declare that it is superior to most of existing accounting software? Well, we need a strong base to justify our claim. Excellent accounting features and seamless functionality make it a preferred ERP accounting module.
Odoo has all the basic accounting features. These include Payment, Receipts, Taxation, Banking, Reporting, etc. You can add and access Journal Entries as well. An customize odoo reports can offer you customized designs in sales and purchase orders, invoices, etc.
If you still doubt the accounting capability of Odoo, then we can go through its unique features. What makes them unique? Well, all these features are either absent or remain unsupportive in other ERPs.

They are:

  • Quick Reconciliation – It offers better collaboration
  • Automatic Sync – It integrates accounting with other business processes
  • Payment Automation – It eliminates the need to remember payment cycles
  • Expenses – It assists you to keep check on the business spend
Customized Odoo apps help you leverage these features for improving accounting processes.
As a business owner, you may face issues of inventory, PoS and customer management. Now you need look no further! Odoo makes it easy to integrate management features along with your accounting cycle. It takes care of every aspect with some of the best features the industry has. A few of them are automated workflow management and collaborated analysis report.
Summing up, Odoo is always ready to address complex accounting needs. You can always count upon its scalable nature and easy to use interface. All you get is a flawless integration of accounting features with business management. It is one of the biggest benefits of Odoo.
We, at AppJetty, offer tailored Odoo apps and Odoo themes to integrate Odoo in your business. You can get an Odoo 10 report designer to develop elegant and expressive reports.
Let’s join hands to make Odoo your accounting partner!

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