How Does Your WordPress Theme Impact SEO Rankings & Ultimate SEO Success

The introduction of the versatile Content Management Systems like WordPress has brought about a radical change in the world of the Internet with almost five to ten websites being developed every single second. During the earlier days, websites could be created only by trained and qualified professionals but today anybody could come up with a fabulously functional website within a few minutes. He may or may not possess any coding knowledge or experience. WordPress website themes could impact the SEO results associated with your WordPress website or even your WordPress blog. There are numerous types of WordPress plugins and themes for SEO. It depends totally on the SEO plugins if they help or hamper your SEO.

According to, WordPress is certainly the unquestionable #1 player among the existing content management systems. Statistics reveal that around 29 percent of existing websites have been created with the help of WordPress. Joomla is the second most popular CMS but constitutes only 3 percent. Most of the amazing WordPress themes are SEO-friendly. They would be having all the SEO basics covered. WordPress is unmatched in terms of SEO. WordPress themes along with some other effective stratagems could add a whole new dimension to your WordPress SEO website. With effective design, as well as, enhancements, you could make sure that your website is visible easily in the browser and there seems to be a sufficient audience who could look up your WordPress website easily via the diverse search engines. You may get in touch with a reliable and competent Chicago SEO Company for perfect WordPress SEO solutions.

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Boosting SEO

WordPress platform offers a broad spectrum of fascinating themes. However, some WordPress themes possess amazing design features but they often are lacking in SEO-friendly and clean coding. Hence, for creating a wonderfully SEO-friendly website, it is essential on your part to choose the theme that boasts of specific in-built features or attributes that help in enhancing your website’s overall SEO rankings.

Changes in theme could be impacting SEO results. However, those changes could be positive or negative depending on the choice of WordPress themes for your website. If you choose the theme with deliberation and wisdom, it would be positively impacting your website dramatically and if you end up making the wrong choice of a WordPress theme, it would leave a negative impact and ruin the recent SERP ranking of your website. The perfect functioning of your WordPress themes could make all the difference in the performance and overall working of the WordPress website and also, in the SEO results of your website. You must have a comprehensive checklist ready before looking for your next WordPress website theme. It is important to identify the right choice as per your budgetary constraints and unique requirements. Keep in mind that choosing your WordPress theme wisely would ensure better SEO rankings.

There are diverse types of themes offered by WordPress to the users. You could wisely select the theme template and seamlessly apply the theme to your website. You must choose the perfect theme template according to the type of business you are having. There is a wide variety of paid and free templates that could be used and it pays to remember that each template would be having its unique characteristics. You must choose a WordPress theme keeping in mind a few factors. Examine if the theme is responsive. Moreover, check if it could be utilized seamlessly on different devices. See the overall page upload time of the WordPress website while using this specific theme. You must also, keep in mind the security of the WordPress theme you choose ultimately.

How Your SEO Efforts Could Be Affected by Themes

Early adopters of the internet marketing movement will remember a time when SEO was a fairly easy task. With some keyword stuffing and link building, you could “game the system” into getting you featured to a broad audience. Those days, however, are long gone. The search landscape we have now is significantly better at serving quality content to consumers through a variety of new and improved ranking factors. The old ways are not as effective anymore, and savvy marketers must know what else they can do beyond good content creation to get their work out there. Design, templates, and themes are the latest buzz in the SEO world.

Bad Design Will Repel Visitors

A cluttered design on your page will lead to a high bounce rate. While monetizing content is important, you must find a balance between ad placement and content space to improve the user experience and the overall appearance of your site. Everything you put on the website serves the visitor’s interests and not yours. Flat designs might be aesthetically appealing but, if not done well, can cause a ton of confusion about where exactly someone is expected to click. These simple things could lead to drops in your revenue and rankings. Your aesthetic principles might have to take the backseat to functionality and common-sense design patterns.

Slow Loading Is a Curse

Internet speeds are better than ever before and so are expectations. Web surfers hate nothing more than a website that doesn’t load quick enough, and this holds just as true for mobile users. While the “enough” bit is arbitrary, you should leave no stone unturned in optimizing page load time. Around half of all mobile visitors will leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3-5 seconds. If you find yourself unable to push any further, perhaps consider resorting to solutions such as Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Poor Structure Makes No Sense

Poorly structured websites can be pretty irritating to users, but most might still be able to glean the value out of the content once they figure out where it is. This is significantly different behaviour to search engine crawlers who don’t see the page itself, but the code that generates it. If the codebase is not clean and well-structured, with proper tag placement, the search engine might have a hard time figuring out how valuable the content is. Further, good code can improve your speed manifold. With the increase of single-page websites, you should prioritize loading what is served to the user in a logical order. This means that if the page loads elements that are lower, away from the user’s view before the stuff at the top of the page, your rankings will take a hit because this is something search engine algorithms can detect and will use as a marker.


Choose the WordPress themes with care and enjoy their benefits and witness the positive SEO results come in. You could seamlessly work with WordPress themes and come up with a smart business website.


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