I remember a conversation I had with my friend Melissa Clark Reynolds many years ago.  She probably won’t even remember it.  We were standing in the changing room of the local swimming pool centre at the time.  Melissa had just sold her first business to Southern Cross and I was still mid way into the building of my advertising agency, a long time before I became a business mentor.  I turned off my hair dryer long enough to have a quick chat.  For some reason the subject of ‘worry’ came up.  Perhaps I was particularly worried about something at that time and asked her advice.  Melissa’s words then have stuck with me ever since.  She told me that she believed worry was an important trait of successful business people.  She said its good to be a bit of a worrier.  That the things that keep you awake at night, going over and over in your head, are the same things that cause you to take action the next day.  If you are smart business person and you are worrying about something bad that could happen in the future, you can take action right away to stop it happening.  It was a good way to look at worry...read more

Having successfully built and sold two businesses, Laura is a proven entrepreneur who now gives regular talks to business groups about creating freedom from business. Liber8me is Laura's entrepreneurial response to the need for a practical guide to creating wealth and freedom from your business. True to Laura's passion, Liber8me is the most leveraged way for her to share her experiences and ideas with as many people as possible...all of her business mentoring skills combined into one easy to access, cost effective online business mentoring programme.

Contact: Laura Humphreys

Web: www.liber8me.com

Email: laura@liber8me.com

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