How IoT and Mobility Enhance Traditional School Bus Tracking

World has advanced with the internet of things

With technology advancing every day, the concept of the internet of things has also advanced with time by enhancing the ability of different devices to connect with each other efficiently. According to federal motor carrier safety administration, in U.S from 2003 to 2013, approximately 41% of the total number of buses were accounted for school buses. Among them 33% of the buses were accounted for meeting with accidents. They noticed an 11% hike in the number of school bus accidents from 2012 to 2013, among which 8% of the accidents were fatal. With IoT tracker, this problem and fatal accident can be minimized or hopefully completely eliminated.

According to the 2011 study conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board, 1,344 school buses met with an accident which accounted to 134 fatal accident per year. Approximately, an average of 17,000 students were hospitalized due to school accidents. School bus tracking with IoT provides a quicker and faster security and safety precaution to school buses. With mobility solutions for school bus tracking in real-time, the administration can track the bus using Global Positioning system (GPS) or Global system for mobile (GSM).

Internet of things and mobility help to increase the safety of school bus enhance tracking

With the internet of things and mobility it is easier to set up a centralized network or a common point where the parents, administration and emergency ambulances or hospital personnel can track a school bus.  

On road Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) with the integration of internet of things and mobility provide the ability to track in real-time

Following are some technologies used by vehicle tracking system that uses internet of things and mobility.  

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) increases accuracy

With radio frequency identification, different entities of a school or parents or hospitals are able to track the bus on the move without any limitation or restriction. Radio frequency identification tags are installed in school buses and these tags can be scanned by various cameras on the road. These automatic scanning allows school buses to be tracked without any need for manual power too.

With the internet of things and mobility, this scanned information is exchanged automatically to the necessary concerned people in real-time.

On-board diagnostics (OBD) provides the ability to pinpoint problems and locate school buses with accuracy

It is a system built with intelligence by installing sensors in various important and prominent areas of the school bus. With these sensors, the performance of the school bus can be tracked and maintenance can be handled efficiently. These sensors also notify when there is a difference in any area from the time it was installed and the current state. For example, if a dent is caused at the rear end of the bus, these sensors immediately notify the system of the change.

Mobility and internet of things with on-board diagnostics allow the school administration, parents and emergency services to take immediate action and safeguard the children from any probable accident .

Global positioning system (GPS) provides solutions by empowering the tracking operation

With global positioning system, school buses have the ability to optimize the travel route with less traffic and protect the children. It helps the school buses to take routes that are away from the ongoing construction areas or accident-prone areas. It also decreases the time taken to respond to any particular operation in the system. This allows the school buses to be routed to closed responsive services in the case of any emergency.

Global positioning system also helps the administration of the school to track and record the school bus drivers driving habits and behavior. With the help of the internet of things and mobility, if a driver is driving rash or has met with an accident, immediate notification is sent to emergency services. School buses can track without any network delay too which in turn reduces the delay in response time of the emergency services.

Mobility solutions increases the accessibility to school bus information in real-time

With the internet of things and mobility features, school buses can be tracked via mobile phones too. This increases the convenience of school administration, parents or hospitals to track the school bus anytime, anywhere. It enables the features to provide safety precautions that will safeguard the children from accidents or potential threats on the road. Connecting the school bus and emergency rescue services or ambulance services is one such safety precaution.

Potential features that enhances the traditional school bus tracking

Route replay helps to make better decisions

With the internet of things and mobility solutions, the school administration or necessary personnel are able to view the route a school bus had taken. This feature allows the administration to make smarter decisions and change the route if needed for safety. It also allows the administration to view the route taken and understand what had gone wrong in the case of accident and make sure it does not happen again.

Geo-fencing provides enhanced push notifications

This provides the school buses to be tracked with increased knowledge and information. Everyone is busy and this feature provides the ability to notify the administration or parents or emergency services when the school buses crosses an area. For example, when the school bus reaches the school premises, a push notification is sent to everyone involved in the system stating that the school bus has reached safely. This also creates a peace of mind for everyone.

Internet of things and mobility solution creates enhanced interoperability between features and devices enhancing the push notifications.

Signing off

Today is better than ever before for all schools and transportation services to integrate internet of things and mobility with the school buses. It increases the safety of children; saves cost of repair and maintenance for the school administration; help parents and children feel safe. It is high time for schools to evolve along with the evolving technology to make the world a better place.

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