How is technology changing the way in which we conduct business?

It’s no secret that we’re currently in the middle of a technological revolution. Since the first computer was invented, technology has come on in leaps and bounds and has transformed the way in which we live, manage our money, socialise, and- inevitably- do business. With millions of businesses trading and fighting for business online, and using the latest software, it’s undeniable that tech has fundamentally changed our working lives.

But what’s on the horizon in the coming years- and what’s shaking up the marketplace now?

Mobile browsing

How many times in the past day have you seen somebody else browse the Internet on your phone- or done it yourself? The world of mobile browsing is rapidly rising to the forefront of many business’ minds as more and more of the population make the switch to their smartphones. Given that your banking, insurance, and pretty much everything you need to do can be done remotely, businesses are starting to make the switch to marketing to people online, resulting in a dramatic shift in how they market to prospects. Out with phone calls and emails: in with social media and banner advertisements.

Consumer habits

The Internet has caused a massive change in our collective browsing habits, whether we’re browsing for a job or a new pair of shoes. The ubiquitous nature of the Internet means that one bad experience with a company results in customers jumping ship to a more attractive-looking brand at the drop of a hat. Today’s market has resulted in decreased customer loyalty, which in turn means that companies are starting to invest in providing their browsers with a great customer service, the better to attract and retain them in the long run.

Big data

Big data has completely changed the way in which people market to customers, analyse data that was previously thought too unwieldy or huge to tackle, and much more besides. As a key part of the digital transformation, big data is created by the myriad online choices that we make on the Internet every day, creating a chain of information that can be mined to produce customer insights, and much more. Often analysed by an AI, this data can provide companies with data on how the stock markets are doing, which customers to target and even which candidates would be a better fit for their job.

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Reaching out

Social media is everywhere in our present-day lives, and businesses around the Internet are quickly wising up to the importance of having an online presence when it comes to reaching out to candidates and clients online. But it’s not just having a profile on Facebook that can make the difference: banner advertising, Pay Per Click campaigns and more are all playing a part in ensuring that your name becomes a familiar sight to browsers- which will raise your profile and revenue as a result.

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