Starting locally, depending on your industry, it may have taken your firm several years to get to the point where it is, leading your local market in expertise or service. If you have plans to go regional or national, you will want to look at ensuring that your company has the type of infrastructure that it needs in order to move forward.

One way that you can show that you have programs and technology in place is to actually leverage different types of technology and processes in order to give your firm solidity and advantage as it expands.

Here are some ways that you can innovate as you look to grow nationally.

Business Intelligence

Like ERP's or CRM software, Business intelligence software packages used to be the type of software that only large companies used. Part of the reason for that was that the sophistication that was required for you to be able to truly analyze something was too great or expensive for small businesses to handle.

That has changed to a great degree, however, there is still a work challenge in micro-sized firms that are sophisticated enough to need business intelligence software, but are not large enough to have the specialization of roles necessary to create reports or run analyses. For those firms that are working with the latest software, using executive dashboard software such as Kafka Cloud as a service to gather data while providing top-level reports and customizations is easily the most popular way to help executives make the decisions that they need to strategically.


SEO strategy has a tendency to change as the search engines that utilize it upgrade their requirements. Fortunately, the major search engines have indicated that quality writing and non-redundant text are the types of things that will consistently allow your entry to be ranked higher than others that are created with the same amount of sophistication.

Using an SEO firm as an outside consultant while you test which strategy works internally with your marketing programs has proven to be a winner because you can control costs easily until you are ready to make a commitment. On the other hand, it is important to choose the right partner, because a badly executed campaign can wreak havoc with your short-term plans.

Limited Budget

Another innovation that can help your small business to expand nationally is the notion of creating a budget that is so tight that it will allow you to expand but won't outstrip your ability to fund it while you are waiting for revenue to grow.

One of the keys to making a tightened budget work while you are growing is to have a large line of credit set up so that if you have a disaster or catastrophe, you can do the spending that you need to bail the company out while you return things to normal.


ROI, or return on investment, is one of the most popular ways for companies to see if what they do the next time will be more cost-effective than what they did in the first place. To leverage ROI to help your firm go national, it is important for management to buy into the notion that everything should be measured so that you can create uniform processes and activities throughout your business.

You can thank yourself later after you have expanded and found that all processes in your new office on the other side of the country actually sync with the practices you are doing locally. As you continue to expand, you will also find that using ROI eventually makes your processes seamless and efficient.

Ensuring that your firm will be successful as it starts to expand nationally requires a lot of attention to detail. By using areas of infrastructure as strengths in the run-up to expansion, you can help your firm move forward in a stronger fashion.

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