Time invested in the app development is a major concern, which keeps banging in your brain when you decide to proceed further with the app development process for your app requirement. You do end up asking a series of questions to your proposed app developer or a selected top mobile app development company, and generally, the answer is just an amalgamation of their sales pitch and the end result always differ from the said stuff.

But why does it happen?

Well, this generally happens in two conditions, one if your app developer is naïve enough and due to lack of exposure gives you the random app delivery date, or the other way it suggests if your app developer is just throwing the sales cloud for you to travel to a dreamland.

In either situation, you need to open your eyes, and need to keep a check that on your app delivery real-time information.

To keep you updated I have brought some of the most prominent aspects you must know which affects the app development delivery time and help you to get an app developed at an accurate and a much-planned app release date.


App Platform

The major and the most popular app platforms available in the market is Android and iOS and these both platforms have their respective guidelines and the technicality to work upon, and needless to comment, but it is time-consuming as well.

The selection f the app platform affects the app delivery time; you need to decide that which platform you need as the very first version of your app? Whether your targeted audience is using both the platforms? What is the market demand? You can get this information after investing some time in your market research and in return, you get what suits best for your app.

It is very obvious for you to adopt both the platforms, in order to make your app go popular, but you need to understand, developing on both the platforms is a time-consuming and expensive too.

Thus if possible pick the most suitable app platform in the very first version, and in the second version of the app, release the app on another platform as well


App Features

I really find it fascinating and eye-pleasing, when a client starts to take interest in the app development and gives his valuable inputs. Though, I feel that every mobile app development services must create the atmosphere which helps the clients to share their words and concerns.

It sounds so intriguing? But can be a concern too, when in enthusiasm, you as a client plan to integrate every possible feature you had planned for your mobile app to be a part of it.

It is really wonderful, but you need to take a firm grip on what you want to show to your end-users in the very first version and how well are they going to digest the information given.

The number of features provided excessively on the app platform, not just turn down your potential users to use it further, in the absence of proper guidance, and also incur a huge time-consumption leading to app delivery failing behind its scheduled time.

I suggest picking only the relevant and the most prominent features initially since it helps your users to get trained and also you get a clear chance to improve the app usability in the subsequent app release, and worth to mention the app delivery would occur without any hindrance coming to its ways.


Hiring Naïve brood

App development is indeed a demanding job, where the technicality and the innovation are always on peak and you cannot expect something that worked for the last app, would work with the current app too.

The technical and the skills demand for every app differs from one to another, thus the app development team needs to be highly updated and well-versed with the latest technologies doing round in the market.

A bitter fact suggests that not all the app development companies are well-versed with the above-mentioned skills, and often bear no or very minimal exposure of handling different types of mobile apps.

Thus you need to invest your efforts in looking for a perfect app development company, who can actually cater to your app development requirements and does not juggle down every aspect of app development aspects due to the inefficiency of handling the project, and in return, you get a terrible result.

Don’t pick any random mobile app development services to cater to help you with. Just look out for the one app development company which has the required exposure, talent, skills and passion to turn your app concept into a reality.

To achieve this task, you can get on different mobile app development companies’ listing websites, such as Clutch, AppFutura, GoodFirms and many more, where you can get a much closer and unbiased look at what your potential app development company has to offer.


Not enough research

It is no more surprising to tell you that, every mobile app development process is completely based on a well-research plan, which helps you to understand what your users want, what your market wants, what your competitors are doing and how does a mobile app going to address this factors.

When you indulge into a mobile app development process without any research, you end up making something that you want, but not what your users are looking for and consequently your app does not build in accordance with users’ choice, and on realizing you may require shuffling down the development process again, which ultimately would lead to delay in app delivery.

So to save yourself from the horror of app –delay, you must get indulged into the above-mentioned strategies, which you must practice without a fail, throughout your app development process.

I would definitely come up with some more interesting facts related to app development, till then keep reading and loving my blog and as always keep yourself tech-updated…


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