How men like Anik Singal can make a difference in your Entrepreneurial life.

Everyone is wary of clichés, and understandably so. However one particular cliché seems to hold an undeniable truth we all must agree upon, and it does so with only 5 simple words which say: ‘No man is an island’.

We all go through different activities and duties in our everyday lives, and as such we find ourselves coming in contact with different individuals from different walks of life, all contributing to our daily experiences, and giving us valuable life lessons we can either learn from, or discard as necessary.

The quality of these lessons we learn are as important as our willingness to learn, as two different people may come in contact with the same exact body of information, and may end up leaving with significantly different extrapolations. This is why we are special as human beings and why we must always be willing to learn from every resource available to us.

Why we cannot do it all on our own.

Even the greatest men in the world are known to have taken pointers and advice from predecessors in the field, and it is should be no great shame to admit a lack of knowledge in any particular aspects of our lives. In fact it is known that people, whoreadily accept their ignorance, end up learning more.

There are two major ways we learn from experience as people;

Firstly, we experience the lesson ourselves, this is the most innate method of learning and it is one of the most crucial aspects in the formation of our world view. This method is highly effective, however it is only sound up to a point as one cannot truly learn from life crushing circumstances, without first going through these periods of abject horror themselves.

Secondly, we learn by seeking experiences from other people. This is quite different from traditional academic learning, where a student is coached according to a curriculum. In this situation, one willingly allows himself to be influenced by the past experiences of people around him who have gone through situations similar to ones he intends to go through himself. This method embodies the most specialized trait we possess as human beings, and is one of the primary reasons why we have been able to persist as a species till today - because of our ability to learn from each other.

What type of people must I learn from?

This is where a significant number of the problems begin, the aspect where we look at a person and ask ‘What gives you the right to give me advice? Why must I learn from you?’ Personally I follow a philosophy where I assume everybody has a lesson to teach, and the onus lies on us to determine what is good and what is not. I employ you to try this as it has worked wonders for me in the years past. Gather as much information as you can, and then filter through the garbage during your free time.

With this mindset it will become increasingly easier for you to find the appropriate voice that speaks to you, and then proceed to listen to the words they have to say. Men with profound life experiences like Anik Singal resonate extremely easily with many they come across as they carry with them real life experiences they hold within their prerogative to share.

The decision to make yourself better.

This decision always starts with the self promise of persistence, and the thirst of knowledge, especially in this modern age where knowledge is almost always only a URL away. There are also men with true life experiences willing to share their stories along with personal anecdotes of how they got much better at what it is they do, along with ways you can get better too. The trick is to look within you and make the decision to learn from these experiences now.

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