How Mobile Websites Improve User Experience

At present, mobile phone is governing more than 30% of companies’ working share. And, it has been evaluated that the figure will increase day-by-day. The smartphone has transformed the lifestyle a lot easy in every way. Besides telecommunicating and messaging, the smartphone helps user to remember the task, simplifying business chore and lots more. The smartphone has made the easy access to the internet, and thus, it can become the superb asset for customer to reach the business. Therefore, most of the web development companies have started mobile website development .

The mobile web app is not similar to desktop or laptop application. In developing mobile website, there is a need to take a lot of care on “User Experience (UX)”. Mobile UX is the key feature that ensures the trusted relationship among customers as well as businesses. It improvises conversion rate and delivers the SEO-friendly business website. For deploying the mobile user experience perfectly, there is a need to care about following aspects:

Lets Have A Glimpse Over Key Aspects for Perfect Mobile UX:

  1. Good Turn Around & Loading Time

Loading time & turn around time are significant factors that should be counted for the best mobile User Experience. Mobile users are about 20% more action-oriented than desktop user. Thus, if bounce rate is higher without any reason, then check the loading time because slow loading time can hamper the conversion rate.

  1. Cross-Browser Support

Before deploying mobile website, it should be ensured that the mobile website does not have any compatibility issue with any of the major devices & platforms. The mobile web apps should be coded in such a manner that it can work on the major platforms. The mobile app should be interactive with today’s aspect, for example camera, touchscreen, sensors and notification, it can be adjusted with the screen, i.e. responsive and user-oriented.

  1. Architecture Mobile Information Relevantly

Engineer the mobile functionality as well as content, including navigation search and labeling with logical structure that enables users to find information and complete tasks.

  1. Content with Effective Microcopy

Put relevant microcopy in the content, this will not only enhance the user-experience, but also make the website SEO-friendly. According to Hummingbird algorithm, it is evaluated that mobile websites should be initiated with every feature that can fulfill the task of mobile users.

  1. Showcase Business Behaviour

The mobile apps should tell about the business in a clear way. Try to integrate the business location or other informative content on the site. So that customers can reach the business and this enhance the business connectivity with the audience.

  1. Keep Theme Simple

The simple design ensures usability. Craft web application with the simplest aspects, cut out the unnecessary features. Design the website section excellently. It should possess proper “call-to-action” features as well as make the environment easy for user.

The excellent mobile user experience tends to make business website SEO-friendly. And, this will account to optimize the business growth with superb height. Try to implement all the above-mentioned tips, soon you will see the change in the graph of business. For more details of mobile website optimization, please visit

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