How Much Does the Development of a Project Management App Cost?

Everyone uses smartphones nowadays, and of course, businesses strive to make their every product or service available as a mobile app either for IOS or Android. As the app market for continuously grows, there are a few important moment for you consider if you plan to hire dedicated developers for your mobile project management app development.

Application Development Overview

As the application ecosystem is expanding at a really quick pace, almost every application developer turns out to work in a very challenging environment struggling to compete in the increasing app market.The mobile app market is expected to grow to $189 billion by 2020. People spend more and more time using apps - it has doubled only in the past 2 years. This is driven by two key factors: a significant increase of time people spend using apps and the increase of the apps people install on their gadgets all over the world to 6.2 billion in 2020. The most popular are game apps that are prognosed to comprise 55% of revenues. Meanwhile, apps of other categories will also quickly grow. Project management apps have gained popularity in big companies, startups, with remote workers on board. With such an app it is easier to control the workflow and results of employees, as well as to assign team members to task, upload attachments, have a calendar view.

Mobile Application Development Statistics & Predictions

In the past few years, there was a rumor that smartphone apps would soon be dead, so no point to create them at all.However, as you see, the time has changed, and now the world is buzzing about various apps for diverse goals.

Source: Statista

App revenues on Google Play and App Store have increased by the same rate 35% within the last year, while the new installations have grown by 13.5%. Android app downloads have grown faster with 16.7%, while downloads for iPhone have grown by 6.7%. In 2017, Google Play had 2.8 mln apps available for download, while App Store of Apple had 2.2 mln available.

Source: Statista

In fact, there are many free and paid project management tools available on the market like Basecamp, Jira, Trello, TeamWork Projects, Asana and many others.

However, not all of them always have the necessary features to meet the business needs. So businesses and startups might be looking for a perfect suit, which is actually, their own project management tool.

Regarding the future of mobile app marketing, it is expected that by the end of 2026, the market will obtain a value of US $96,128.2 mln. It is estimated that by 2026, Google Play will have the highest growth rate, while Apple App Store will have revenues worth over $45,000 mln. Games segment is expected to take over 44% revenue share by 2026 end. Meanwhile, 11% will be taken by travel industry. The fastest growth within the period 2016-2016 will take place on the APEJ market, followed by Latin America and Eastern Europe. Yet Western Europe and  North America will also keep the pace by generating the revenue of  $15,597 mln and $14,979.4 respectively.

Mobile App Development Process

The process of application development itself has a few stages depending on the aspect that is being developed. It comprises two following stages, including a definition of the goal and making the prototype of your future app:

  • Back-end development
    • Structure
    • User management
    • Development of the server-side logic
    • UE customization
    • Data integration
    • Services of push notifications
  • Front-end development
    • Data cashing
    • App data synchronization
    • Wire-framing & mock-ups
    • UI development
    • UI improvements
    • Testing
    • Deployment of an app

Mobile App Development Cost

How much does it cost to make project management app or hire mobile app developer? To find an answer, we have considered the following issues: hourly rate of developers in different environments, IOS and Android, the complexity of the app, as well as the country, where you can order it. So, the cost will be calculated due to a simple formula: average number of hours, required to build an app and the developer rate.


Time It Takes to Develop an App

Some mobile apps might seem so simple to create an illusion that they are built in a few hours with minimum effort. However, it is not so. Almost 18 weeks are required to build and publish a native mobile app, depending on its complexity.

Type of app

Hours required

Simple App


Moderate App


Multifaceted App


Highly Multifaceted App


Source: LifeHacker

Mobile App Developer Rates

In order to provide up-to-date information about the cost of a project management application, we’ll consider developer rates in the following countries: USA, UK, Israel, Germany and Ukraine. We’ve pointed out two key mobile app development technologies for IOS and Android.


Hourly Rate Android

Hourly Rate IOS

United States



United Kingdom












Please note, that the rate is higher in Ukraine due to Android’s dominance in developing countries. So, in Ukraine, it is cheaper to hire IOS developer than Android one.

We have calculated the approximate development cost of project management app in various countries. We assume that the given project management app refers to multifaceted apps.

Cost of the multifaceted app development:



App Cost Android

App Cost IOS

United States




United Kingdom
















The development cost of IOS apps is higher by 10-15% in most of the countries, while in Ukraine it is lower than Android. This tendency is due to the popularity of Android in the country over IOS.


With the growth of mobile app usage and revenue increase by 2020, as it is reported, the demand for app development will become more specific and sophisticated. Consequently, the mobile app development demand will increase due to the growing number of users in the countries with developing economies with the game and travel apps in the major in the global market. The process of application development for a company requires some time, effort and money. The complexity of an app depends on the number and specifics of features and the environment it is developed in - IOS or Android. It takes 600-900 hours to build the multifaceted apps and over 900 hours for the most complex apps. Money expenditures mostly depend on the country of residence of the developers that you hire, since the rates differ geographically. The most expensive mobile app will be charged by US developers - nearly $14,000 for Android and $19,00 for IOS, and the cheapest in Ukraine with $10,000 for both.

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