How Much Should I Budget For A Website Design?

Deciding the budget for a website is not a simple task that can be approached easily. It depends on a lot of factors. The cost of building your website boils down to four resources: how much time you are prepared to commit to the project, your technical knowledge or interest to learn to code, your design skills (or willingness to learn them), and of course – money. However, money is the most flexible of all these elements. Depending on the amount of budget you, or your organization, can spare for a website, you can decide either to hire a professional to get the job done (a more costly yet less time-consuming option), or you can rely on modern technology, such as a website building software e.g. WordPress or, to help solve your problems.

If you opt to go down the route of hiring a WordPress developer then a basic site will cost you around $6,750. On the other hand, if you use a simple drag and drop website builder, it will only cost you $5/month, provided that you only need a basic website. Website builders also offer advanced functionalities (such as ecommerce) which would cost you from around $17/month.

Granted that your organization is prepared to allot a healthy amount for building a presentable and well-developed website, you can easily hire a professional website builder like WordPress to help create your website. This is because WordPress is the most popular website builder for developer and designers, and is currently powering about 26% of all websites.

WordPress’s main advantage is its extreme flexibility. You can create almost any type of website with any type of features you need, as long as you have the coding and design expertise to do so. If not, you can always hire a technical designer to do that for you (of course cost will come into play here).  Assuming that you are hire a professional to set up your WordPress website, the Setup will cost you $50-$200. A basic template for your website will cost you around $35- $50, whereas a custom designed template may cost you up to $10,000, or even more.

Hourly cost of a designer for building your website would be around $50-$80/hour (the cost obviously depends upon how much content you have, and the number of pages). Lastly, estimated annual amount for your website maintenance would be around $500-$1000.

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Comment by Steven Mathews on July 28, 2018 at 2:59pm

You can use ready made template, usually price of premium template is around $45-$75. Almost all of them have professional design and meet all modern requirements. For example check this one AppyTimes - Summer Camp - looks great!


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