How Printing Companies Can Delight Customers Using Web-To-Print Technology

Excellent customer engagement does not happen overnight. It is planned and executed mindfully. The ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work wonders when it comes to pleasing customers before or post-purchase. Customer service should always be personalized.

That is because 70% of a customer’s journey is dominated by how they feel they are being treated. Moreover, $1.6tn is lost by companies in the US when customers switch because of the lack of exceptional customer service.

You see, the main aim of delighting customers is to ensure they keep coming back to you. After all, acquiring new customers is anywhere between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing customers, according to Harvard Business Review.

Delighting customers made easier with web-to-print technology.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will agree web-to-print software is an essential feature to have to sustain and thrive in an overly competitive environment. Printing companies are always on the lookout for new ways to boost sales and order volumes.

And naturally - web-to-print solutions can help them achieve those critical goals. Let us take a look at how you can engage your customers better if you leverage the power of WP technology efficiently in your business:

1. Faster quotation

One of the most significant inconveniences for customers looking to place custom print orders is to get a quotation. It bothers some of them so much that they leave the website before fixing the order. That affects the overall sales of the business.

By leveraging the W2P technology, you can make sure they get an instant quotation by merely typing in details of the order like material to use, expected date of delivery, single or double imprints, size of the artwork and more.

2. Time-saving

W2P technology saves time in every aspect. First of all - it is straightforward to browse through the products and pick a select few. In regards to the artwork creation and approval process, your customers can quickly upload their design or customize any pre-designed templates on the online store.

Your customer does not have to be a designer to finalize the artwork and place the order. Web-to-print solutions make the shopping experience a delight for the customers. That is a big reason to implement technology in your business.

When the customers do not find any flaw with the buying process, they close sales faster, and that helps the printing companies immensely.

3. Convenience

For any online printing service provider, customer convenience is of the essence. And W2P technology offers just that. When you deploy the system, your customers can easily access your website on any device - whether it’s their smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

The flexibility enables them to place an order at any time of the day or night. They are not restricted by closing times as they would be if you were a brick-and-mortar company.

Secondly, customers don’t have to worry about payments at the time of purchase. If not, they can choose to pay by different methods such as credit or debit cards, net banking, PayPal, and more.

Lastly, W2P technology makes it easy for customers to track their orders in real-time. Gone are those days when they would have to call a customer care rep to get an idea. Now they can get an update from anywhere.

4. Languages

According to Common Sense Advisory, 72.4% of global consumers prefer to use their native language when shopping online, while  56.2% of the consumers say the ability to obtain information in their language is more important than favorable pricing.

Numbers tell the truth. Localization matters and it matters even more so these times of hyper-personalization. Depending on the W2P software solution, you choose, it possible for you to configure multiple languages of the website for localization purposes.

That’s a sure shot way of delighting customers who want to purchase from a website that speaks their language. That boosts brand engagement and favorably impacts the overall sales.

Over to you

Customers visit online stores rather than to shop online for a reason. Give them a reason to not only come to you but also to shop buy from you.

In a digital day and age, customers want the convenience to shop from the comfort of their homes or offices. And W2P technology has a ‘sweet spot’ for such customers who want to print their orders online. Therefore, don’t waste any opportunity that enables you to delight them.

Please make sure you find the right software solution and exploit it for your printing company. Speaking of that – we suggest you contact Design’N’Buy to know more about W2P. You can also get a personalized demo of their W2P solution.

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