How Retargeting Can Help Your Ad Campaign.

What is Remarketing?

The unfortunate truth of any online ad campaign is that some people who first click on your advert aren’t going to stay around to actually make a sale. Whether they lose interest, forget, or just don’t see what they want, they’ll leave and head off to do something else. However, the fact that they clicked on your advert in the first place heavily suggests that they have at least SOME interest in your business. This is an incredibly important audience, as they’ve already shown a willingness to click on your ad, they just didn’t finish the process.

When you have this potential audience, you want to appeal specifically to them. This is where Retargeting comes into play. This is a form of specialised target marketing that can be used to directly show ads to people who have already interacted with your website before, but not made a conversion or sale. By setting up an audience based on people who have clicked on an advert, commented on your social media, or interacted with your business in nearly any way, you can create an ad campaign that appeals directly to a group of strong leads.

How useful is Remarketing?

Incredibly, to put it simply. A remarketed user is roughly 70% more likely to convert than a regular user. The average CTR of remarketing ads is up to 10 times higher than a regular advert. They can result in up to a 1000% increase in branded searches and over 700% lifts in site visits. There’s no denying just how vital a remarketing campaign is, but there are more benefits to consider beyond the obvious results.

Remarketing will help improve the reach of your brand by showing it to people even after they’ve left your website. It will become far more memorable to this audience when they see it more than once. It also ensures a higher return on your investment by being so cost efficient and offering such valuable leads. This makes remarketing particularly useful in the local advertising... , as it helps to show off your brand multiple times to a local audience. Customers will, on average, interact with a website 10-12 times before converting, so the more times they see your brand, the quicker and more likely they are to make a conversion in the end.

SeeLocal is a local business advertiser, and remarketing plays a huge part in the success of a local advertising campaign. 74.2% of people prefer to see adverts for local businesses than non-local, so they’re far more likely to remember you compared to some business miles away. 35% of people who see a display ad will end up searching for that business online later, with a high chance for them to visit the store personally if it’s a local business. The real kicker to remember is that retargeted users are 70% more likely to convert than a standard user.

How else can Remarketing help?

There are still benefits to remarketing even beyond these that SeeLocal can help you implement. Be creating specialised adverts, we can show specific offers and promotions onto a remarketing audience, upselling or cross-selling them to spend even more than they would have initially. SeeLocal can export and integrate a specialised email list to your remarketing platform to reach huge numbers of people. SeeLocal can even use search retargeting to reach people who have searched for relevant keywords, even if they’ve never clicked onto your site at all.

How can SeeLocal help you?

Remarketing is a key feature of a SeeLocal campaign , and is one of the most important factors of a local advertising campaign. We can run every step of a remarketing campaign for you, from creating the ads to finding your audience. We can handle all the details and ensure your remarketing campaign produces top results. We can even implement and monitor the remarketing tracking tags, and ensure that it is fully optimised and working to full effect.

SeeLocal go above and beyond to get you the best results. The average click-through rate of a display campaign is roughly 0.66%, but with SeeLocal, that number jumps up to 0.95%. In every industry, we push past the average and into the extraordinary, and remarketing is one of the keys to our success.

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