How Technology Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Technology has truly transformed our lives. We've become more interconnected than ever before and have been able to digitize nearly every facet of our lives.

We say nearly because the healthcare industry has largely lagged behind in this respect for quite a while. While it has lagged behind, there are just now signs that the healthcare industry is going to be involved in a large shakeup.

In this article, we're going to look at some of the ways that technology has totally shaken up the healthcare industry and why they will continue to do so.

Shift from danger to convenience.

When you think of technology and health, you might be struck by old questions such as "do cellphones cause cancer." What we're seeing now, though is a shift from the dangerous aspects of technology to reasons why technology is transforming the way we look at medicine.

Austrian economist Joseph Shumpeter previously acknowledged that what he called "creative destruction" always preceded radical growth in any sector and aspect of life.

The thought here is that the death of an old system or way of life gives way to a new, vibrant way of doing things. In this example, the death of the old way of doing things in the healthcare industry has given way to major growth in the use of technology.

Healthcare and the digital revolution.

Healthcare as a field has always been more conservative and stuck in its ways in comparison to most other industries. This reluctance to change has no doubt led to inefficient care that could easily be improved should the powers that be embrace technology.

All of that is about to happen as healthcare industry leaders are consistently turning to technology to solve their problems. People can now be digitized. Charts can be brought up efficiently, blood pressure can be checked, oxygen concentration, even mood. Just about every bit of data we can offer can be monitored in one way or another.

We've even gotten to the point where we can 3D print an organ from scratch. The possibilities are basically endless when it comes to healthcare being augmented by technology.

Our information.

All of the information that can be gotten from an individual will be gotten through sensors, which will be integrated and combined with the medical data that's gotten in a more traditional way. This system is fully integrated to work towards building an accurate picture of how you're doing as a patient.

It's now possible to digitize and quantify a person in ways that seem more like science fiction than science fact. Even so, though, these methods are real and they continue to show us what is possible when it comes to getting the data we need.

In much the same way that the smartphone is a veritable hub of information, healthcare officials plan to extend that functionality to devices that specifically monitor and adjust for the numbers that they get for patients in time.

Technology really has transformed every part of our lives. We've become dependent on this wealth of information and functionality that we can expect on a daily basis. To illustrate this fact, just take a day where you might have left your phone at home. Chances are you were thrown into chaos for that day.

Just as technology has become integral to our everyday life, it's going to become just as important to our healthcare system as well. We're going to see massive transformations in the way we provide healthcare, thanks in large part to this creative destruction that's going on in the industry. As always, change is good.


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