How The Startups Are Helping The Housing Industry to Operate More Efficiently

There are a ton of advances in lots of different industries all the time, but real estate seems to have lagged behind. Until now, that is. Agents and brokers have avoided adopting new technologies in the past, but things are finally changing!

The only reason these technologies were avoided is because real estate can be considered a business built on strong relationships. While it’s true that it couldn't survive without the many networks of professionals involved, new technologies must be adopted in order to help the industry grow and work more efficiently. Real estate isn't any different to any other industry in that respect! 

It’s important to remember that real estate is not only a relationship business, but an information business too. Consider the information that’s constantly passed between buyers and sellers. Brokerages that have the best data will more often than not make the most money!

Workflow automation and online collaboration can make the whole process so much easier, and there’s no reason for businesses in this industry to operate without faster and more accurate data. It’s incredibly important for real estate agents to find companies and startups they can work with that offers this.

Real estate businesses allowing online access to property information are a fairly new concept, but luckily, a trend has been set. There are legacy software companies offering user friendly feature rich platforms that are allowing nationwide online access to property information. These days it’s all about equipping agents and brokers with software platforms to get the data they need and run their businesses more effectively.

Agents who once relied on the traditional method of pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets can now access real-time information in cloud databases. This allows them to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, saving so much time and effort.

Then there’s workflow automation software. This is making agents work more efficiently by eliminating the need for laborious tasks that they previously did manually. No need to do the same thing again and again when you can automate it with innovative software. This saves real estate teams hours of time each day, that would otherwise be spent manually updating listings across sites. Not only that, it ensures their listings are always accurate and up-to-date. A must when you think of the customer! Brokers also benefit by getting faster, more reliable data on new listings that come onto the real estate market.

Realtors can also use mobile apps to automate the repetitive aspects of their job, so they can better focus on what’s important. Things like building relationships and completing important transactions!

There are many apps out there, like Homesnap and Agentdesks that help agents to more effectively manage their workflow and communicate with existing clients. Then there are others like Zurple and RealScout that allow them to market to new potential customers and keep them engaged too.

Of course this isn’t without risk. It’s always advised that real estate businesses evaluate the long-term viability of the startups that they choose to work with. That being said, usually, the benefits created by the newest real estate tech startups will outweigh the costs massively.

Eventually, you can expect smartphones to fully integrate with corporate office systems. Predictive analytics will make it easier to target buyers and renters. Even something as advances as virtual reality can be used to make home and office tours more efficient. They may even be eliminated altogether! 

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