How To Bail Out Your Mobile App From Going To Cemetery

2.8 million, the figure of the existing apps in the Google play store. This is just the app figures of Google play store, the number of Apple app store apps amounts to 2.2 million. This is the current scenario, if you want to travel to the future, we can even take a flight there. By 2021, the download figures will jack up to 352.9 billion and the mobile app revenue figure will jump up to 188.9 billion USD by 2020.

When the future of mobile app development company is so bright and sunshiny why are we pondering on to save the apps from going to deathbed? Mull over it, what can possibly go wrong with such high scaled prediction analysis? Bumfuzzled, right? Well, the competition it is my friend. When supply jacks up the demand, the threat of being washed away is evoked. Competition and high supply are not the only shooting factors, innovation is also one factor that is killing mobile apps. Bumfuzzled, again? Let me explain, it is said that on one side there is innovation and on another one there is death. If the app that you come up with is not highly innovative, it will directly be dumped to death.

Do you know that 23% of apps is used just once? You would definitely be a zounderkite if you believe the old school tactics of regular updates, good marketing, and such other things are going to work to make your app live long. If the cemetery is not your apps next shift, then don’t give the cold shoulder to the must do things.

1) Focus on a single business model

The network model for value production is your next big mobile app idea, then you are shifting to a mobile app platform. This is a unique type of business model which not many people are aware of which makes it innovative and boom one problem resolved. Don’t get much excited, there’s a lot to beat further. Demand will be at the peak when you come up with a linear business model, but ensure you can cater the upcoming user's needs with a timely update. Linear model as a platform is an amazing piece of information that can take your mobile app from scratch to best.

2) Choose between the linear and networked value

Ponder upon what makes the users visit your app over and over again and be the full-time users of it? In order to mutate the visitors into permanent users, you have to keep their satisfaction level similar to what it was the very first time they visited. The surprise element in the mobile app development can also keep on calling back the users. Either consistency or uplifted services are the key elements that keep the users engaged. You can take the example of Airbnb, the ultimate satisfaction you got at the first time usage stands same with the 50th time usage also. Keeping your app open source can also keep the app alive and dig its feet much deeper into the app market. You can consider YouTube as the very relatable example: It is open for the people to post their work, it benefits both the user and app owner. The app is always filled with some new titbits and users are never out of data. This also expands the opportunity for content producers to showcase their talent and keep their field uplifted.

3) Take decision with precision

Decide which can assure yours reside. Once you determine your target of, what to hit on, it’s high time you need to decide how to hit on. The functions you integrate into your app should be directly proportional to the business model. You should have perfect statistics to take calculated future decisions and bail out your app from going to the cemetery.

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