How to Be a Good Landlord for Your Tenants?

The relationship between a landlord and its tenant is very unique. So, it should be maintained professionally without having any personal feelings in the way. To build a harmony between yourself and your tenant is major milestone in this relationship. You should know that being a landlord, there are additional responsibilities on you.

If you want an ongoing and steady source of income through your tenants as a rent, you have to give them margin on some points. As, each time you lose your tenant you will have to face the consequences of financial crises. So, you cannot afford replacing tenants more often because it is a nerve racking and exhausting process which not only cost your time but costs money also. You can take inspiration from JLT property for rent as they are very accommodating for their tenants.

In this article, you will be facilitated by some tips and suggestions which can help you to become good landlord.

Stay Calm and be Patient

There is nothing wrong by going against your rules and convictions to keep your tenants happy and satisfied. You should avoid certain things, which bother you and make you discomfort just to keep peace. There will be times when your patience level will be checked by their silly mistakes or by contrasting personalities you both have but you shouldn’t lose your temper. Be a big person and ignore some nuisance which they will cause. Because when you react every time something bad happen from their side it will cause more conflicts, so sometimes it is better to bear and keep silence.

Never Eavesdrop

If you have shared walls between your home and your tenant’s or if by any means you can listen their personal conversations or issues, never do that. As, eavesdropping is itself morally wrong plus doing it with your tenants will lead you towards becoming an evil person.

Be Responsive to Their Complaints and Demands  

The one thing which really annoy tenants is unresponsive attitude of their landlord. If they request or complaint about something, come out with a solution. Don’t be too lazy in fulfilling their demands. Like if anything needs fixing or repair and they ask you to do something, repair it on time. You should be accommodating as much as possible.

Respect Their Privacy 

One important thing to consider while trying to be a good landlord is to give them space. Always making them uncomfortable by your sudden visits will put your bad impression on them. Don’t try to take away their privacy just because you are giving them your place to rent. They don’t want to be stressed by your invasion in their privacy. That’s morally indecent thing to do. You should notify them before your visit to show your professionalism and avoid any conflict. JLT property for rent sets an example by giving their tenants their due space and by reserving their privacy.

Do Not Disregard Your Tenants

Some typical landlords have a common bad habit of ignoring their tenants by not picking up their calls or being unapproachable. This will cause them to step back and wait for any opportunity to leave your place. That’s not what you want, so pick up most of the time they call. If you cannot pick up due to some valid reasons, call them back and ask politely the reason of their call. If they want to meet you in person to discuss something, be available for them.


By assuring them that they have made the right choice to move in your place, your efforts will pay off. You have to come out from your comfort zone to become a good landlord but it will facilitate you in a long run in many ways.

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