Get a Gmail productivity boost: experts’ tips and tricks to help you save time and make the most out of your inbox.

Being a Gmail power user often lies in knowing just a little more than the average user does. And if we know something, it’s a Gmail inbox, so we thought we’d let you know how your inbox can simplify your life. With a series of little tips.
First of, let’s see how to:

Organize your inbox with stars

Using Gmail’s star system lets you tag your inbox messages with color-coded shapes and stars.
By default, your inbox only provides a yellow star but you have the choice of tagging messages with other colored stars and icons.

It’s entirely up to you which icons and colors you use, and how you use them.
As an example, you could tag your urgent messages with a red exclamation mark, the messages you need to read with a yellow star and messages that must be researched before responding with a purple question mark.
Extra tip: How to set up stars?

Use labels to properly organize your inbox.

Labels are one of the easiest and most effective ways of organizing your Gmail inbox.
They allow you to categorize email by topic, client, project, action required etc.

If you’re coming from another email system and moving to Gmail, you’re probably wondering why there are no folders. The answer is that Gmail doesn’t use folders. It uses labels.

But you can use your labels much like you would a folder to empty out your inbox and get even more precise in your categorization!

Indeed Gmail conversation can have many labels and be in many locations: Inbox, Sent Mail, All Mail, and so on — which offers you more flexibility than having messages in only one folder.

Once you have created your labels, you can use them just as you would folders: from your Inbox, drag the message to the label you want to put it in on the navigation sidebar (on the left). The label will be applied by Gmail and the message will be moved out of the Inbox

If all your Gmail messages are in your inbox and you’ve never used labels before (don’t worry, you are not the only one), it’s time to start cleaning up!

Extra tip: Create and manage labels

Add tools to your inbox

With over 50 features created to give superpowers to your inbox and Gmelius allows you to save time, automate tasks and achieve your email goals. It is a complete email management solution recommended and used by professionals at Google, Nielsen & LinkedIn. Here are some of the functionality it adds to your inbox:

  • Email tracking: Selected and automatic email tracking with a detailed activity stream that shows how your recipients are interacting with your tracked emails (open rate, click tracking etc) and an exclusive per conversation tracking.
  • Snooze: A snoozed email comes back to the top of your inbox at the date and time of your choosing. It’s ideal to keep track of important emails that you do not want to reply to straight away.
  • Schedule:Send emails at a later date and time. Deciding when your emails reach your recipient’s inbox improves the likelihood that they are opened, read and responded to. 
  • To-do list: A To-Do app that functions seamlessly within your inbox and lets you convert emails into Kanban like tasks-cards . Allowing you to keep track of all the tasks ahead in just one place.
  • Templates: With Gmelius you can create, insert and share templates easily, which allows you to save time on repetitive emails, use variables ( for example, to add the recipient’s first name) and collaborate on templates with colleagues.

Extra tip: Learn more about Gmelius

Work with filters to automate email management

Another powerful Gmail feature: filters!

They allow you to automatically perform a specific action when a message (that matches the filter criteria) arrives in your inbox.

For example: filters can be created based on the subject line, the sender, content of the message, attachments or size.

The most popular filters are based on the sender. 
(Think marking as important emails from your boss, archiving your high school alumni monthly newsletter or marking as read your colleague’s emails if they contain the words “cat video” in the subject line…)

You can let Gmail know whatever action you want to be taken after having chosen what the filter is based on.

One or more of the following actions can be selected:

  • Mark as read
  • Archive, and skip the inbox
  • Mark with a star
  • Forward
  • Apply with a specific label
  • Delete
  • Never mark as important
  • Always mark as important
  • Never send to Spam
  • Categorize (referring to category tabs, like Social, Primary, and so on).

Extra tip: How to set and manage filters?

Finally you can further boost your email game through the use of keyboards shortcuts or advanced search options.

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