How to Better Use Technology in Your Business or Organization

Compared to previous decades, there have been drastic changes in the corporate world of how business is managed. Only a little more than two and a half decades ago, there were no emails, no mobile marketing, smartphones, telecommuting and no internet. Due to technological advancements, however, communication has now become instant, and feedback can be made in real time.

Business owners and managers have powerful tools and more access to information that is vital to the success of their company. Vast amounts of data and information are transferred through the internet in the form of emails and messaging. The business operations of small businesses and big corporations have significantly improved.

While many of these changes are generally helpful and create more productive universal processes, many other technological advancements greatly benefit more specific and niche industries and organizations. Religious organizations, for example, are able to keep track of their spending using a church accounting software. Digital marketing has also developed into a brand new industry only within the past two decades. These advancements have enabled companies to venture into new markets both locally and globally by using digital marketing which has led to the growth of small businesses enterprises into multinational corporations.

The consumer needs, tastes, and preferences are drastically changing which has forced companies to stay on toes and adapt to the ever-changing trends in the market. A business that does not take advantage of the latest trends in the market risks struggling financially or getting paying heavy losses to competitors. Incorporating technology into your business operations, though, is not enough. You must know about efficiently using that technology for maximum results.

Building a successful enterprise is a challenging endeavor that requires the up-to-date incorporation of the latest trends in technology. In this article, we shall highlight how you can best use technology for the best results regarding consumer awareness and efficient business operations.


Advances that have been made in technology have freed up small enterprises from the print advertisement restrictions when it comes to accessing new, existing and potential consumers. The product marketing using the internet ranges from search engine advertising to the simple ad information on your company website and the sale of products online.

Email marketing has enabled businesses to reach a large group of consumers efficiently and cost-effectively through the use of business updates, coupons and newsletters. Another marketing frontier which is relatively new to the world of product promotion is mobile marketing. Mobile marketing enables you to reach your consumers through mobile application advertisement, text messaging and the provision of mobile applications that inform the consumer of what is happening with your brand.


The advent of mobile phones and lately, smartphones, has made their use by small business owners and their staff a basic need. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have become the lifeline of communication between the employees, business management, and the consumer. The company staff is also able to respond to any inquiries of their products by consumers and give a definitive response in real time.

When it comes to internet access, smartphones have come in handy which have enabled the use of business applications and emailing from any geographical location with internet access. Social networking, text messaging and emailing have wholly revolutionized how companies and small businesses run their businesses today with the advent of smartphones and other mobile gadgets such as tablets.


Small startups and companies need to utilize every ounce of productivity by enhancing the effectiveness of their business operations. The invention of technology has led to the development of business models and tools to help the business workforce perform their duties better and in a reduced amount of time. This may range from offering consumers services through online chats and emails to the print out of materials used for marketing.

The most important thing is to keep your workforce focused on their duties by the use of the incentives offered by technology which goes a long way to save the cost of doing business and time which is of the essence. For instance, it is sometimes more productive and efficient to use a phone call rather than an email because you get the desired response in real-time. You can also ensure that your employees are working at peak efficiency by offering them with updated business software.

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