How to boost your traffic on your site with SEO and PPC

In today’s competitive online marketplace, it’s now harder than ever to make yourself stand out from your competitors and get those all-important traffic rates flowing in. To combat this, you need a way of making yourself more visible, and reaching your site before they do your competitors’.

SEO is the best way in which to do this. In a world where internet visibility is the key to securing sales figures within your sector, this approach to online marketing can revolutionise your website, improve your traffic rates and get you well on the way to turning a profit for the year. It’s easy, and- depending on which approach you take- it can be free.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of making your website friendlier for Google’s search engine algorithms. In order to find content to display on their search engine rankings, that is relevant to the term being searched for, Google’s algorithms will trawl through the internet to find the correct pages.

Whether your website is displayed or not depends on a number of factors, almost all of which you can improve upon yourself- and given that 70% of the links search users click on are organic, it’s well worth investing some time into doing so and boosting yourself up Google’s search rankings.

How can I improve my SEO?

There are several ways you can improve your SEO, and one of the best ways is to invest time into your Content Marketing. Content Marketing can improve traffic to your blog by up to 2000%, and is often the start of many readers’ customer journey to buying your product. Search engines seek out sites with fresh, relevant content, so make sure that what you’re writing is relevant to your sector, regularly updated and aimed at addressing current issues, or problems, that your readers may be facing, rather than using it solely as a marketing opportunity. Furthermore, writing good content increases your chances of getting it shared by other people on social media, which will increase your online presence further. (For more information for the basics on marketing, check out this blog).

You can also use Content Marketing to increase your chances of appearing on Google by inserting relevant keywords into your writing. There’s a fine balance to tread here: inserting keywords for phrases you want to rank for will undoubtedly increase your SEO rankings, however if you include too many in one article then Google will mark you down for it.

It’s also worth including links in your content and website: both internal and external. Including ‘trustworthy’ links is a great way to convince search engine bots that your page is a trusted source, and therefore worth showing online; using ‘alt-tags’ to describe your pictures and videos allows search engines to better locate your page, and create relevant links in the text to other sites and sources.

What are the results?

Though it takes time for the results of your hard work to filter through to the search engines, you can keep track of your SEO rankings on a site like Advanced Web Ranking and monitor which keywords you rank for- and which ones you need to improve on.

Whether you’re finding out what SEO is or wondering how to improve it, one thing’s for sure: with careful maintenance and time it will pay off in traffic, sales and customer engagement.

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