How To Brand Your Health And Beauty Business

The health and beauty industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last decade. This is primarily due to the change in attitudes of health and beauty in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. In the past, beauty was a concern that marketed primarily to women. Thanks to men's focus on their own beauty, the industry has been able to tap into more and more men when it comes to marketing their products. Statista shows a continued trend of growth in the health and beauty industry over the last decade, with growth rates ranging from one to five percent per year. In a competitive market like this, standing out can be a difficult goal to achieve, but proper attention to branding can allow a company to stand out amongst the crowd.

Why Develop a Brand at All?

Many new business owners wonder about the need for branding. With the massive access to customers through PPC marketing and social media ads, does a company need to look into a branding plan in the age of internet marketing? Entrepreneur thinks that even today, a branding plan might even be more important than a business plan. Brands aim to present to the consumer something they can easily identify with while representing the ideals the brand stands for and the value it presents to customers. In this sense, having a strong brand is even more important than having a great social media marketing plan. So how does a company make its brand stand out amongst the competition? There are a few unique ways a business can aim to do this, including:

  • Networking: Building a solid network is one of the best ways to start a brand's recognition journey. Social media marketing can combine with the idea of networking in order to present the brand on those sites and let people get used to seeing it around. In order to create a strong network, the brand must demonstrate its strength among the consumers. having the company brand associated with discussions that feel the pulse of the average target demographic can help users identify with the brand and build both loyalty and awareness through empathy.
  • Use Gifts and Personalized Freebies: Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) did a study in 2017 that noted that people kept promotional products around for as much as eight months, while many of those who initially received the product passed it on to someone close to them. This is far more effective than a simple PPC ad campaign and has the potential for a lot more visibility. Having them as free giveaways also helps to build brand loyalty, and may bring in new customers through that increased visibility of the brand.
  • Make Sure You're the Best at What You Do: The fabled Holy Grail of marketing is developing a system that leads to organic advertising to such an extent that other forms of advertising become irrelevant. The best way to do that is usually by providing a very high quality of service and/or product to customers. Customers are more likely to spend money on a product or service they see as worth that price. While marketers for companies like Avacare have gotten smarter in ensuring that they present products with reviews and easy navigation on all devices, consumers have gotten smarter in how they manage money. Offering high-quality services and products while at the same time being consistent in the delivery of those goods and services will grow customer loyalty as well as increase the spread of the brand through organic marketing.
  • Use Exciting Visuals: In an industry like health and beauty, looks go quite far. Developing a striking logo and motto is the start but having a website that shows off the ideals of the company as well as the products and services it offers can go quite a long way to getting customers interested and excited about the business. having a stunning website layout is relatively simple today with the wide range of business website templates available. It's an inexpensive way to develop brand recognition that a company ought to look into if it's aiming to present itself as a serious competitor in the market.

Branding is More than Just Pretty Looks

A company that uses branding as a vehicle to its success is one that is better suited to dealing with a dynamic market. Branding is only the first step in a successful business model, but it might very well be the most important step a business can take. The colors, logo design, and website layout, as well as the engagement of potential clients on social media and promotional appearances all tie in to a, make a successful overall plan that could present massive returns. The best thing about branding is that, over time, it only increases the visibility of the business and the ease with which consumers identify you.

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