How to Choose the Color of Your Brand

How to Choose the Color of Your Logo

Color is an inherently important part of logo design. The logo colors you choose to represent your company can have an impact on what customers think of when they see that logo; in fact, there have been studies done that suggest that over ninety percent of all consumers make purchasing or investment decisions based upon the colors associated with the brands in question. This means color choice when you create a logo is almost as important as the actual icon used in your design. Your company branding will be exposed on Twitter, Facebook, T-shirts, billboards, business cards and more.


Because we understand how important creating an effective logo is for your company branding, we’ve put together this quick article to help guide you through logo colors and how to pick the best one for your own company logo. We hope that this information on the various color meanings proves helpful for when you create your own logo.

Color Meanings In Branding

  • This color is the color of strength and passion and can help bring a sense of vibrancy and decisiveness to a logo. That being said, be careful about going overboard if you use red; it can also make people feel angry or restless.
  • Known as a “cold” color, blue is a good choice if you want to instill feelings of peace, calm, serenity, and stability. Blue is a good grounding color and can also serve to represent trustworthiness and increase a person’s ability to focus.
  • This bright color represents happiness and excitement, and can often instill feelings of warmth and joy. Furthermore, it can bring a feeling of vibrancy and energy to a logo while still maintaining an optimistic and cheerful vibe (unlike red, which can cause negative emotions if too much is used).
  • This is the color of nature, and as such can represent new beginnings and fresh starts. It can also instill a sense of harmony and togetherness. Green also sometimes carries with it an association with wealth and money.
  • Violet/Purple. This color is a bit exotic to many people. It is commonly used to represent spirituality, royalty, magic, and regal power. It also carries with it a sense of wisdom and confidence that very few other colors possess.
  • The resulting color when you combine yellow with red, orange is a great color choice if you want something both vibrant and playful. Ultimately, this color carries with it the bright exuberant cheer of yellow and the striking boldness of red. It’s a great color choice for a logo if you want your design to pop, but make sure to pair it with another darker color for true effectiveness.
  • This earthy color has a calm and grounding sense to it and is used most commonly to represent nature. It also carries with it feelings of reliability, stability, and strength. That being said, be careful about the context in which you use this because most people associate the color brown with mud and dirt as well.

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