How to Create a Movie Streaming Website & App That Users Love!

Earlier in 26th August 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch TV(a startup video streaming site) for $970 Million by vanquishing a bidding combat with Google.

But Why?

The number of global digital video users is expected to rise 800 million in 2021 where the Subscription based Video-on-demand revenue is estimated to flourish

18 652.90 billion U.S dollars and the Electronic Sell-through (EST) and Transactional VOD combined to procure 8955.3 billion U.S dollars in the year 2022.

Thus, these factual stats are the striking reasons that made Amazon acquire Twitch Tv and later the emergence of some big players in movie streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Hotstar initiated to take over this lucrative video streaming business to next-level by reaping the endless treasure brave.

This gen captivated aspiring professionals to raise a million dollar question of “how to build a movie streaming website” to ignite the video streaming business value. To all these bewildered questions here comes the noteworthy solution Vplayed - All-in-one movie streaming solution.

Vplayed - Enterprise Media Streaming Solution to Build Movie Streaming Website & App

To all those aspirants who wish to build a money-minting movie streaming website, Vplayed is a complete movie streaming solution equipped with peerless features and compatible to any extent of customization. A cloud-based content delivery solution completely simplifies the complex of streaming video content across multiple platforms. Before getting into the development of your classic movie streaming service with Vplayed, let’s just jot down the key building blocks of this splendid movie streaming solution.

Behind the Scene - The Technology stacks that Contrived Vplayed as an Impeccable Video Streaming Solution

Streaming Server: Vplayed is backboned with some exemplary universal streaming servers such as Wowza, (Packed Video Network Solution (PVNS) and QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS) to support multiple streaming media’s to deliver high-end streaming possibilities with ultra-low-latency.

Promising Interfaces: AngularJS and Laravel take the major part in the exchange of the data between the objectives. These frameworks function under certain combination to power-rise the development of the movie streaming web application through providing robust tools for the appreciable performance of the application.

Protocols: To ignite the transmission of media content effectively, Vplayed is configured with RTMP (Real-time Messaging Protocol) and HLS streaming protocols to transmit the information between the client and server in more compatible formats at a high-performance.

Unified Players: HTML5, MediaElement.js, Video.js and jPlayer are the powerful HTML based media players that Vplayed is embedded to deliver high pixel-rate videos across the browsers and whatever the codec and plugins, it comes with a fully customized and enriched features for an astonishing streaming experience.

Media Storage: For an effectual unlimited storing and organizing the entire media files within the platform, Vplayed is embedded with Google Storage, AWS S3, Azure Storage and Minio leverage the media files on diverse formats with the help of encoder encompassed within the Cloud Storage.

Reliable Data Management: Cassandra, Atlas-DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle are the game changer for Vplayed in backing up the entire database and also to scale up the persistent delivery of the streaming content over cross-platforms regardless to the concurrent users.

Ideal File Formats: Vplayed is configured with HLS protocol to deliver adaptive-bitrate streaming that supports MP4 formats and H.264 advanced streaming possibilities to offer crystal clear movie streaming experience.

Content Delivery Network: To deliver the right video content to the right user at a precise time, Vplayed utilize the comforts offered by Google CDN, Azure CDN, Akamai, MaxCDN and CloudFront to distribute buffer-free live streaming content to diverse geographical locations simultaneously.

Seamless Hosting Possibility: Vplayed is partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to magnify the hosting functionalities of your video content in a real-time. Massive Scalability is the significant attribute that Vplayed offers that enable transcoding of endless content at no time.

Actions in the Screenplays - The Subtle Features that Vplayed Offers

Video Upload and Ingestion: Uploading of video content on the library and monitoring, organizing the specific database to make the discovery files visible. Now uploading of video content from Youtube is made simple as it wasn’t before with Vplayed YouTube sharing feature.

Multiple Video Format: Vplayed is embedded with transcoder to broadcast movie streaming on multiple formats such as MP4, FLV, AVI and WMV etc., based on the viewers’ requested format.

Swifty Playback: Equipped with Multi-TCP connection and Quality Driven Streaming(QDS) to relatively enhance the user interface by facilitating quick drag delay, start delay and freezing track options.

Cross-Platform Viewing Experience: Vplayed is configured with multiple integrations on third-party more likely on Web, iOS and Android devices to aggrandize the reach of your movie streaming content overseas.

Multiple Registration & Social Logins: The feature collectively reduces the limitation of registration on the platform during concurrent users usage. A robust social login enables the end-user to switch between the movie streaming platform directly from social networks.

User Profile Management: Vplayed is featured with profile management dashboard which provides a absolute data analysis of the user activity, configure the platform, essential folders to sync to users and a virtual experience.

Quick Multiple Search: A Peer-to-peer search result during discovering the exact video content on the library which in result provides comfortable search results to the users which makes your own movie streaming website more engaging.

Social Integration: Integration on multiple social media’s assists in transforming the platform more desirable to the end-users in order to share the most-liked content on social platforms to amplify the reach of your streaming videos.

Offline Viewing: Almost any video content can be downloaded from the streaming platform and viewing the downloaded video later on users wish.

Robust Security at High Extend

Token Security: Vplayed is configured with token security system which consists of a tiny hardware device to access over the movie streaming platform for a effective security access.

Geoblock: A solid Geo-blocking feature to safeguard the entire movie streaming service accessing from the specific countries/province/region that the admin is restricted in the control panel.

Watermarking: Wherever you broadcast your movies, enable privacy feature to protect the entire video content through adaptive watermarking.

Domain Restriction: Enabled with restriction feature to shield and block the access to your videos and manage the video content whether it can be shared on external domains.

Scenes Grossing High Revenue - Lucrative Monetization Business Model that Vplayed Renders

Advertisement: Earn Profitable revenue through managing ad monetization options such as Pre-roll and Mid-roll to deliver video ads across the entire mobile and web applications.

Purchasable Assets: A solid monetizing model to stream, sell the trending videos or gate the cherished video asset by means of subscription or with any time purchasable option to generate captivating revenues.

Subscription Model: This stands as the key extremity to make your own movie streaming website that triggers illimitable business value through subscription of every video content on your platform.

On-Screen Budget - The Cost to Build Your Movie Streaming Website Just alike Netflix

So, Finally to create such a superlative movie streaming website like Netflix requires massive technical efforts in the design part, debugging the codes, pre-development, time consumption and prototypes part to be implemented. The cost to build a movie streaming website plainly depends on the features that one possess to implement. Every Movie Streaming Solution providers follow their own systematic action to build movie streaming platform where implementation of new features & Customization is quite strenuous.

Thus, Partnering with Vplayed - movie streaming solution provider entirely takes the responsibility in bringing your profitable movie streaming solution as per your customization requirement and features to be implemented within a single payment.

Seize Your Money-Mining Streaming Solution

A profit generating movie streaming website can be built only by a reputed movie streaming solution providers, Thus Vplayed has earned the reputation for building preeminent movie streaming services to some global giants. Vplayed has the potentiality to deliver you the entire solution with end-to-end upgradable features that triggers your ROI.

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Is MP4 the best video format for web?


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