First you need to figure out what different types of autoresponders you need.

• A “welcome” autoresponder to any person that signs up for your email, fax, SMS and social media pages. Also, welcome autoresponders is a great tool for any new customer creating an account online or in person.

• “Gentle reminder” autoresponders pokes your wayward customers nicely while reminding them of their account status, inactivity or an almost-missed sale.

• A “predictable sales” autoresponder automatically sends emails, faxes and texts to customers about your regular deals.

• “Information” autoresponders may include a webinar or ebook series.

There are many other types of autoresponders, and you’ll be able to customize them based off your needs. These four are the most commonly used autoresponders, and generally cover email, fax, web and social media needs.

Design each type of autoresponder individually

Though each autoresponder contains different content, with different intent, its wise to design each group of autoresponders so that they have their own identity. This works especially well for recipients that are signed up for different autoresponders.

Always ensure that your email autoresponders are mobile and tablet ready.

Set a sending schedule

The basis of an autoresponder and the very characteristic that separates them from different forms of marketing communication is that they’re always prescheduled and planned.

For best results, try scheduling autoresponders, especially those in a series, at least a month ahead of time. You’ll be able to plan the direction of your autoresponders better and ensure that you have adequate wiggle room if there are any last minute changes or updates.

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