Cleaning is never easy. Even if we are talking about the bedroom. We are all familiar with the dusting and mopping on a regular basis. But, what about thoroughly cleaning every few months? It may be a hard task. Especially, if you don’t know where to begin from. Therefore, we prepared the following list of steps for deep cleaning of your bedroom. Follow them and you’ll be finished in no time.  

1. Declutter

Always start the deep cleaning process by decluttering. Thus, you’ll make the rest of the tasks much easier and less time-consuming. Take a basket and throw everything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom in it. Put the dirty clothes into the laundry basket. Fold and put away clean clothes. Clear off the surfaces as much as possible.

2. Throw the bed sheets into the washer

Strip your bed and put the linens in the washing machine. Add the dirty laundry from the basket and start a load in the washer. While you’re waiting, continue with cleaning your bedroom.

3. Spider webs

Even the most well-maintained house has its share of spider webs. Don’t worry! Take the broom and use it to remove the spider webs from the corners of the room and the ceiling.

4. Blinds and fan blades

Take a dry cloth and dust the fan blades and the blinds with it. It is important to use a cloth made of cotton, else the dust will settle back right where you’ve just cleaned. You can use the same tactic for cleaning your chandelier if you own one.

5. Curtains

Take down the curtains and load them in the washer, if possible. Don’t put anything else in the washing machine with them and before you start, make sure this procedure is applicable to the type of curtains you own. If not, just vacuum them or use dry cleaning services.

6. Wipe the windows

Wipe the windows and the mirrors in your bedroom with window cleaner. You can also make the window cleaner by yourself by following this simple recipe. Mix one part distilled vinegar and one part tap water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and after that make your windows shine. 

7. Dust all surfaces

Use a damp cloth for this task, in order to prevent the dust from resettling. Don’t skip the tops of mirrors, art, the dresser and the wardrobe. For best results, use a polishing agent.

8. Vacuum the floor

Start by vacuuming the mattress. Even if you use a mattress cover, have in mind that it is not an armour. After that, use the attachment of the vacuum cleaner, which is designed for hard-to-reach places. Vacuum under the bed and behind the furniture.

9. Remake the bed

Use fresh and clean linens to make the bed. You can rearrange the pillows or try something new out. Thus, you’ll feel the difference even more after you’ve done with the deep cleaning.

10. Mop the floors.

Finally, don’t forget to mop the floors. Start from the farthest part of the room and move towards its entrance. Once you reach the door, you can close it and be sure that your bedroom is fresh and clean.

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