Mobile App Development Companies continue to be on the rise. With Smart Phones continuing to rule the telecom world and Android App Development playing a crucial role in shaping the businesses of formidable, technology driven companies, the need to hire Mobile App Developers, especially those with sound knowledge of the Android operating system, is that much more imminent.  Subsequently, there has been a phenomenal rise in Android App Development companies in Bangalore.

However, it is not just the quality of Mobile Apps that matter. Budget plays a crucial role and hence, identifying the best and most economical Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore, requires a thorough analysis of the project cost along with the percentage of subject matter experts as well as the quality of Android Application, a company has to offer.

Aspiring Startups and Small Business units would no doubt be considering Android App Development as one of their frontline services offered. But then, how to develop an Android App within the desired budget framework? Here are a few valuable tips that can be considered.

Developing budget friendly Android Apps.

Most of the Mobile App Development Companies these days are emerging companies or startups which develop mobile apps at significantly lower costs. It is interesting to know how they manage to hire quality Mobile App Developers to do that, especially when Android along with iOS, are the two most preferred operating system platforms.

  • Choose the best development tools to build low cost apps: Various Business units are cutting down development costs by choosing the best available development tool, for building budget Android Applications. Some of the prominently used tools are Business Apps, AppMkr, PhoneGap, EachScape and Conduit.
  • Consider implementing Cloud technology: Implementing the cloud technology in any new design is imminent these days. With cloud having becoming nothing close to a phenomenon, thanks to its massive acceptance globally, most businesses are adopting this technology in order to avoid large data centre costs. As most of the mobile Apps, whether Android or iOS, are tested on the cloud platform, major investments in data centre hardware and software can be easily avoided. The app development team is also able to access the cloud from anywhere, thereby ensuring better productivity.
  • Think about Virtual Databases: Virtual Databases have contributed immensely towards achieving a budget centric Mobile App. As an upcoming Mobile Application Development Company, you can think of storing all the data at one place, rather than going in for multiple databases. This process not only helps you in reducing the overall load on the project but also helps in saving development costs to a huge extent.
  • Prototyping: Most of the software development companies, either established or emerging, have started including the prototype phase in their development process. This method is used on a large-scale by businesses to cut costs during the app development stage. As an emerging Mobile App development company, prototyping helps you in presenting a rough layout of the application to the end user for his analysis and feedback.   The main objective of this process is to ensure that the app fulfils the desired business needs of the customer. New prototypes can then be developed, based on the feedback before developing the entire product. This can help not only in huge cost savings, but also avoid delays.
  • Virtual Operating System: An implementation of a Virtual Operating System removes any doubts concerning incompatibility, especially when the desired application is designed to work across multiple operating systems. This system helps in reflecting the changes made during the development phase, across all operating systems. The software used automates the process by verifying the changes; thereby reducing human errors caused during manual verification and thus reduces cost.


With developing countries being the next frontier for the ever-increasing Android Mobile App market, Companies need to hire Mobile app developers, taking into consideration the size of screens and processing capability. The apps should be easy to use with minimum number of steps to follow, and minimize the battery usage. Over the past few years, DeveloperonRent has emerged as one amongst the top Android App Development in companies in Bangalore which fulfils all the above parameters, i.e. in terms of subject matter experts as well as quality app development. With customers, not ready to compromise even an inch on the quality and ROI, DeveloperonRent comes out as the best budget Android app Development Company in Bangalore, which promises consistent growth in your businesses, by advising the best and most economical development approach, in tune with today’s market trends.

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