How to Develop Successful iOS App for eCommerce

eCommerce businesses are growing day by day. According to the report by the Statista, eCommerce sales have increased by approx three times from 2014 to 2019. In 2019, Retail e-commerce sales accounted for 3.4 billion US Dollars compared to 1.3 billion US dollars in 2014.

These stats indicate that eCommerce sales will continue to rise and is expected to reach 4.8 billion US Dollars in 2021. And with more domination of smartphones in this modern world, mobile apps are playing a significant role in the user daily life activities.

So, it becomes very vital for eCommerce businesses to adapt to this changing technology and have an appealing mobile app. In this post, I will be discussing a few key points which every iOS app developer should consider before developing an eCommerce mobile app.

#1. Emphasize on GPS Technology:

GPS (Global Positioning System) picks up the exact location & the timing transmitted by the satellites from the space. All the iPhones (from iPhone 5s - iPhone XS) are coming with this technology. With the help of the same technology, a brand can reach to out its potential customer efficiently.

Let's take one example. ABC Brand has few outlets located in the same city/state. In this case, with the help of GPS technology, they can provide more accurate information about the outlet location.

So, before developing any eCommerce mobile app, this feature should be kept in mind as it can prove to be successful in location-based marketing.

#2. Keep Checkout Flow Simple:

I'm pretty much sure that every eCommerce business owner must have faced situation of abandon carts. Cart abandonment issue is more popular with the desktop sites (no matter even if they are responsive websites). But this issue can be encountered well with the eCommerce mobile app.

An iOS app developer can integrate the unique feature of address auto-fill with the help of GPS. Eventually, it will save the user timing. Additionally, you can add some features example sign with up social media accounts, phone number. It will make the registration process simple at the time of checkout. Longer a registration process more you will lose potential clients.

#3. Place Call to Action Buttons Appropriately:

Before designing an eCommerce mobile app, the app developer should keep in mind that iPhone & iPad screens are not that much big compared to the desktops. So the developer should keep the call to action buttons nicely. The app will look more attractive & appealing by doing so rather than placing buttons in an unorganized way.

It's essential to keep vital information about the particular product but never include too much content and as it will cover up most of the mobile screen.

#4. Keep UI & UX Simple:

I have seen in the past, to make an eCommerce mobile app look more attractive, app developers end up in designing complex UI as well as UX. It is always recommended to build an eCommerce app with simple UI & UX. One can bring changes in the UI & UX of the mobile app after reviewing customers reviews.

#5. Security:

eCommerce means that one will be going to do transaction to purchase anything. While doing a particular transaction, the user will input vital information example bank details, credit/debit card number. So it becomes more important to make an app more secure so that hackers can't steal information.

#6. Include High-Quality Images:

It's quite evident that the user will only be going to buy the product after reviewing the images. If images are of low quality, containing too much text, then eventually you will be going to lose that client. In the eCommerce industry, high-quality images communicate more rather than having too much content.

Note: Before uploading high-quality images, make sure to check image size because large size images can decrease the load speed of the mobile app.

#7 Include Multiple Payment Options:

These days, I have seen an increase in the payment options example wallets. So according to me, every eCommerce app should have multiple payment gateway options (debit card, credit card, EMI, wallet payment). By doing so, the user can pay according to his/her convenience.

Most of the successful eCommerce mobile apps have multiple payment options. With the help of the same, the users are generally like to stay more on your eCommerce app.

#8 Feedback:

I individually would like to see this option in every eCommerce mobile app. With the help of the same, any user can report some faults, valuable suggestions as well as recommendations. This feature helps in building your store reputation as the user will feel that you're there to listen to their problems and help them with possible solutions.


There's no doubt that eCommerce apps are in trend & everyone around the world prefers apps rather than visiting stores physically. Everyone wants things to happen with a single click. So eCommerce app should be appealing & well incorporated with up to date on-going technologies.

Keep on improving the app experience by listening to your user's suggestions & recommendations. In last, make sure your eCommerce app helps you in taking your business to the next level and generates higher ROI as a motive behind an eCommerce is money only.

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