How To Do Facebook Video Marketing Properly

Facebook is the epicenter of nearly all online activity in this day and age, yet many marketing professionals are still uncomfortable relying on the platform for advertising purposes because they have little faith in their own ability to navigate it successfully. Figuring out the ins and outs of Facebook has never been easy, and the monstrously-large platform is only growing more complex and confusing to master by the day. Luckily, modern marketers can still find some helpful tips for tapping into the power of Facebook to get their message out.

Here’s how to do Facebook video marketing properly, the common mistakes you’ll want to avoid, and how you can ensure that your message sticks with your audience in the long-term.

Facebook is committed to video content

For those who think that Facebook video marketing is a thing of the past, think again; Facebook is committed to video content to an unprecedented degree, which makes sense given that the world’s largest social media platform is already generating more than 8 billion video views every day. With Facebook Live statistics continuing to demonstrate that video is becoming more central to social media as we recognize it today, it’s imperative that modern marketing experts become well-versed in reaching out to an audience via video-messaging.

Investing in video content is easier said than done, however, especially since video-based advertisements can be ludicrously expensive to produce and hard to track over time. Whether users even care about the video advertisements they see versus if they’re getting annoyed by them is also hard to quantify, which has led many otherwise intelligent advertising experts to avoid video content altogether. This is a losing strategy in the modern age, however, as you can’t simply dig your head into the sand and hope that the pivot to video goes away instead of trying to grapple with it head on.

Facebook is becoming less and less organic by the day, with it becoming nearly impossible for savvy marketers to hijack the power of the platform’s algorithm to put their message right before the eyes of consumers most likely to act upon it. As the decline of organic reach continues to plague Facebook, marketers will need to come up with innovative ways to seize the attention of users and give them plenty of reasons to share their ad-based content far and wide.

For starters, convince yourself and your team that video marketing matters by reminding yourselves that videos have a much greater impact that image-based content. Photos aren’t spread nearly as widely as videos are on Facebook, for instance, so your content is much more likely to go viral if it’s in video form than it is if it’s a lackluster photo similar to the millions of others the average user sees every week. As always, you need to make your message pop and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Focus on stellar content

If you want to do Facebook video marketing properly, you need to focus nearly all of your money and creative talent into producing stellar content sure to drive users back again and again for more. You can’t produce great content if you misunderstand the nature of video content on Facebook as it already is, however; the vast majority of Facebook videos are watched with the sound automatically muted, for instance, so you could spend thousands of a hilarious advertisement only to have it fall flat because it’s silent when actually played by a user.

Furthermore, native Facebook videos are much more engaging than videos uploaded from other platforms, so don’t think it will be easy for you to piggyback on the efforts of your non-Facebook related work. The most important things to know about video content usually revolve around what turns consumers off the most, as autoplaying videos and pop-up advertisements are so aggravating that they can actually hurt your brand more than they help you. It’s thus worthwhile to review the common elements of successful video marketing campaigns to see what makes them tick.

As long as you keep your focus on producing your own, stellar content, you’ll find your Facebook video marketing efforts aren’t in vain. Boilerplate ad campaigns that cater to the lowest common denominator will get you nowhere, but focusing on tailor-made content for a small audience is sure to generate a big response for your business.

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