How to ensure business continuity when moving offices?

In this era of cutthroat competition, you cannot afford any business disruptions. Whether it is due to natural conditions or moving offices, you need to ensure that business continuity does not get disrupted. People think that while moving offices, they have no other alternative but to take a break of a couple of days till the new office is ready. However, there are a few tips with the help of which, it is easy for you to ensure proper business continuity even when moving offices. We will today share with you these tips which will help you with the same.

  1. Advance learning:

The first thing which you have to keep in mind is that you have to plan. Once you do so, it becomes effortless for you to minimize business disruptions. You have to use a professional moving company. The professional moving company will always reduce the actual moving time. It will also ensure that proper resources are put into use to wrap up the task of moving successfully and at the earliest.

The moving company will also make an inventory of the stuff which you want to move so that it can work efficiently. You can also set the date in advance with the moving company. All of these features will ensure that the time required for moving your business equipment from one office to another is minimal.

  1. Business cycles into account:

In spite of your best efforts to carry on with business usually, there will be some glitches. That is why it is essential for you to take your business cycle into account. When planning your move, it is vital to do so during the down period of your business. It will ensure that the glitches do not impact a large number of your customers. It will also help you retain credibility among your customers.

During the slow season of your business, most of the customers will not even notice any glitches when moving offices. When you combine this with your constant efforts to ensure business continuity, you can make a smooth transition without any problem.

  1. Use technology to your advantage:

If you provide knowledge-based services to your customers or provide tracking information to your customers regarding the products which you dispatch, it is essential to keep that information on the cloud. When you do so, irrespective of moving, the customers can access all of that information. It means that moving will not impact your customers in any way. Chances are, most of the customers will not even notice that something is amiss.

You have to ensure that with the help of VoIP and proper telecommunications network, all the customer support calls get forwarded to the respective employees. It will ensure that you can answer the calls while relocating your business. You can assign a separate executive to the calls who can work from home. Thus, the customer support department will not get impacted by the moving office.

  1. Prefer the weekend:

Moving the office on weekends is a smart move. Generally, inquiries, as well as the support tickets, are on the lower side when it comes to weekends. It means that the workload will be on the smaller side. The employees can relax a bit and can aid in moving rather than working from home. The distraction of moving will not impact business productivity as well. During the weekend, it becomes easy for you to gain time and set up your business and machines at the new office address. It will help you in making a seamless transition.

  1. Give employees enough time to clear their desk:

Instead of asking the employees to empty their working desk at the last moment, it is better to ask them to take their personal belongings in advance. When you do so, you will be able to move your office swiftly. Most of the employees will either take their belongings themselves or put them up in a box. It will make it easy and quick for you to move your business.

  1. Keep your customers in the loop:

In Spite of taking all of these steps, it is essential to keep your customers in the loop. When you keep your customers informed, it is easy for them to wait for your response. The customers will, of course, adjust with you and have patience. At the same time, they will refrain from contacting you again and again. It will mean that the workload will be on the lesser side. The customer satisfaction will be minimal as well. It will help you to continue your business as usual once you shift to the new location.

  1. Supervise the setup yourself:

You need to ensure that you supervise the setup of the new office. When you do so, the disruption will be minimal. When the disruption time is minimum, it is easy to ensure proper business continuity. You have to get all the professionals in place in advance. You might need electricians, plumbers, Internet guys among others. You have to take their appointment in advance. Once you do that, you can start working in the new office right away. Also, you have to delegate the task of unpacking to the moving company itself which will save you a lot of time.

So, when moving your office, it is essential to follow these seven tips which will ensure that there is a minimal business disruption. With the help of these steps, you can keep your customers satisfied and ensure that moving office does not impact your business at all.

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