How to Evaluate Your Call Center Outsourcing Company?

Call center outsourcing makes it possible for the companies to focus on their business growth and expansion plans better. It frees the in-house employees and allows them to focus more on their real job tasks. Considering the benefits that outsourcing has, you outsource your customer support. But just like not all the fingers are alike, the outsourcing companies also are not.

Delegating customer support services to a less efficient or inefficient third party can affect your customer base drastically. However, the dilemma here is how to know that the call center outsourcing you did has been done rightly or not.

Don’t worry! In this article, we tell you exactly that. Call center metrics play a crucial role in analyzing your call center services provider. Take a look.

Customer Satisfaction Score: Customer satisfaction score lets you know the satisfaction level of the customers. The feedback is taken by the customers in the form of text messages or an online link. Checking this list can help you in getting a better idea of how the call center outsourcing company is serving your customers.

Revenue per Call:  Earlier, revenue per call was calculated just for outbound telemarketing but now it is done for inbound telemarketing as well. So, the revenue generated through call center functions is divided by the number of calls made. The higher the revenue per call is, the better are its agents.

First Call Resolution: Most of the problems that the customers face can be solved in the first call only. The problems that need a few follow-ups for getting resolved are rare. So, another way to check the efficiency of your call center function partner is to check the FCR rate. A low FCR indicates that your customers are made to wait for getting solutions to their problems. In turn, this hampers the repute of your company and reduces the customer satisfaction.

Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Rate:  The upsell and cross-sell rate helps a company in knowing the amount of effort put in by the call center to increase the revenue. If the call center agents will merely take orders and won’t try to convince the customers to buy some other product complementing the product they have bought, the cross-sell and upsell won’t take place. If you want to increase sales, extra efforts should be put. Doing so helps the company in surpassing the customer expectations and multiply the business revenue.

Call Abandonment: This performance metric lets you know the number of calls that go unanswered or get disconnected abruptly. The lower the abandonment rate is, the better it is. If the abdomen rate is high, take it as a red flag. Low abandonment rates lead to improved customer loyalty, customer referrals etc. The line connections should be looked after to solve this issue. 

Average Call Handling Time:  The more rapidly the cost will end, the less would be the money spend per call. This is why the average handles time matters. The average handle time includes not only the time spent on call but also the time taken by the executive to enter data, update CRM, and more. This should be checked to know if the agents are working lethargically or actively.

Quality Scores:  This is the most common metric that speaks a lot about the efficiency of the agents. The calls recordings should be heard to know how well a particular agent is dealing with the customers. You can also check the quality by calling the call center as a customer of your company. This will help you in understanding how reliable is your call center service provider.

Whether the company has delegated the call center function or is managing the same internally, it is quintessential to measure the performance. The aforementioned call center metrics help you in ascertaining the performance which also helps you in knowing how satisfied your customers are. So, try to improve or change the call center outsourcing partner if these metrics aren’t appropriate.

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