You run a business and you need temporary staff – there are a number of methods in which you can find the people your business needs to go forward.

Go Online and Search for Agencies

As you search online for temporary staff, you might notice that the search parameters are heavy favoured in the temp worker, looking for jobs, rather than the employer searching for staff. But it is here, within the search results, where you should look all the same.

Most employment agencies have an online link for employers to go to when it looks for temporary staff. Usually this menu header will be listed as “for companies” or “looking for staff”. The Citizens Advice website online will tell all employers exactly what you need to know when it comes to hiring, recruiting and firing agency workers.

The contract is between the worker and the agency. It (the agency) hires and disperses members of staff so that the employer or business does not have to do so. It is a way of getting staff without having to go through the costly and timely recruitment process.

Most companies do like to hire permanent staff via its own HR department and recruiting processes. It takes time and money to get the right person for the role. However, this can be costly and cumbersome when you only need a worker for a few weeks or a few months, so hire staff from a temping agency is the way a business should go when looking for stop-gap employees.

The temping agency will supply the worker to the business but it is the business that controls what work the temp must do and fulfil. A temping agency will tell the agent (worker) what type of work he or she must do. The actual detail of the tasks will be determined by the employer or business.

So, if an agency tells a temporary worker they must attend a company for a period of two weeks and perform data entry work, the employer or business will then tell the worker what type of data he or she should type into the computer at the workplace.

It is also worth noting that agency workers have rights and have to be paid the national minimum wage, have no unlawful deductions taken out of their wage packets and must not be discriminated against because of age, disability or race.

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Comment by Toni Sofin on December 27, 2016 at 9:40am

As a person who often works with freelancers, I am sure that the temporary staff is the best solution for short-term projects. And I'm looking for suitable workers with the help of this site I hope it will help you too.


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