How to Generate More Sales in an Increasingly Millennials Dominated Web

As Millennials age, they displace Baby Boomers and members of the Generation X as the predominant generation in most company’s target demographic. This has led to an internet audience dominated by a group that was either born with the internet or those who “grew up” with the internet.

With a 98% smartphone ownership rate and a near 100% daily search usage, you need to rethink your marketing if you are to capture more sales from members of this demographic. Here are some top tips you should keep in mind as you re-imagine your marketing and sales skills .

Understand Social Media Marketing

If your small business has a haphazard social media plan, you are missing out on sales to millennials. The number of users on the top platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and more cannot be scoffed at any more. Understanding how to leverage on these platforms and the levels of integration the offer, is key to selling any product, service or brand today. According to a recent survey , 41% of millennials use social media on a daily basis.

Think Mobile First

As mentioned at the start of this piece, virtually all millennials are on their smartphones. Importantly, they are not using their phones for texting and calls only. They do most of their shopping, navigation and web search/usage on mobile. This is not forgetting entertainment. You need to explore ways to get to millennials on their smartphones. It could be interactive and responsive website that is AMP optimised or an app. Failing to consider mobile engagement when targeting millennials is engaging in handicapped marketing.

Keep Marketing Messages Short

It is not a coincidence that we’ve been ruled to have a shorter attention span than a goldfish just as the millennial dominance is growing. This generation might be the most curious but the short attention span can’t be ignored. This means that only marketing messages that are really clear and to the point can retain their attention. If your marketing message hits home, however, the short attention span quickly gives way to loyalty. Focus on the benefits of your product or service and keep brand messages concise.

Content Remains Key

Content is the one factor that hasn’t changed regardless of the target of any marketing campaigns. You need to ensure a consistent delivery of the right type of content for each marketing channel while bringing it all together into one cohesive strategy. You cannot succeed today by just sharing excerpts from your blogpost with your social media audience for instance, or just making animated versions of text in a content to pass off as video on your YouTube channel. You must be ready to invest in content for the right channels.

Collaboration With Influencers

The millennial culture today is such that your brand message will have more impact if it is communicated by someone outside your brand that qualifies as an influencer. It is important to note that many millennials now know the difference between paid influencers and genuine influencers which is why many brands are not just targeting big name stars but the average YouTuber or Twitter user with a few thousand followers. A millennial is more likely to check out a service or product if another normal social media user he/she has followed for a while says something good about it. 77% of people have bought items this way . This is why brands gift items or review units and organise contests.

Success for small businesses in today’s millennials dominated marketplace could come down to just how well the marketing strategies and plans ties into the ideals that this generation identifies with.

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