How To Generate Revenue From Mobile App Development

The app market has expanded its roots more than ever before. The culture of paid apps is long gone and the fleet of free apps is right here. Well, in the culture of free apps how is the mobile app development company going to generate revenue and pour blood in the life of their apps. Looking at the revenue estimation of the app market, more and more people are attracted towards this field but yes, the estimation is the final destination if you pick the right road map to follow. It’s kind of tricky to entail the users with all they want without anything to take in return. ‘App without money is like a body without soul’ and yes, it can’t run without it. Well, the basic fundamental that revolves around is getting seen, looking good, working well and boom you are done. It’s still a mystery how is this going to generate revenue for your app? Hold on buddy, there are ways and several ways to generate revenue. Let’s explore some and help you make your app development process more lucrative.

1) Go for app store registration

For getting your app published either on the Google play store or on the Apple store, you should be a fully registered member. This registration is not free and charges are to be paid to submit the app. You might find that the policies are stringent but it’s for the betterment of the users and to maintain the quality decorum in the app store and prohibit the nasty apps to pollute the app market. If you want to register with Apple store then annual charges of $99 are to be paid. Well, this charges also entails you with certain testing tools, publishing ability for mobile, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch and an early version of Apple development tools.

The charges for Google play store is just $25 which allows you to get access to all the massive app development tools, in-app payment systems, payment acceptance using Google payment system and also enables money acceptance for customers for upgrades.

2) Choose a product

If you want some impressive amount of revenue to be flowing your way, it’s extremely essential you choose your product with due diligence, care, and caution. What mobile app development India focus is a niche product, which is facing scarcity which automatically interests users and drives them without many efforts. The cut-throat competition has killed the concept of innovation which can take over the market and of course, you are the not ultimate king that you can come up with a next big thing in what already exists. You cannot come up the next big sensation of gaming app, so instead choose a product which is in demand but lacks adequate supply. Indulge into keen market research and filter highest paid apps and see how much they can charge.

3) Ads

Are you not able to generate adequate RIO? Want to come at par with your expenses? Well, you have a way out, if you are not able to grab paid users. Based on the type of app, you are dealing with, you have an option to host ads to generate extra revenue. The banner ad is something developer can opt for which will be displayed on the screen continuously. Well, this can go another way round and irritate the users but yes, when it comes to revenue generation, it’s a great option. It can work positively also as the user will go for minor in-app purchase not because they are attracted but may be to get rid of it.

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