How to Get First Capital for Your Business?

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It is common knowledge now that if you want to you have your own business, you must first have the capital for that.
Your capital will be the money that you need to have your venture up and running. But of course, you have to have a lot of money for your business to start and it might be hard for you to get it right now.
Fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways you can acquire some cash. Read on to find out!


Do you have assets that you have accrued since you started working? Perhaps you’ve invested in some stocks or you have acquired some property.
If that is the case, you can sell some of those properties to fund your own business. Depending on your assets, you can get a pretty good sum of money.

2. Seek Angel Investors

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You might have heard of this before; you can seek the aid of angel investors if you want to have your startup funded.
Angel investors are keen on helping fresh startups and they will give you enough funding for you to start your business.
To get the help of angel investors, you have to pitch to them what your business is all about. Furthermore, angel investors will automatically be a part of your company so if there are any board meetings and such, they will be a member of it.

3.Borrow Against Your Property

Suppose that you just want to get a loan and you have a property that you can tie in as your collateral, then you may want to explore those secured loan options.
There are plenty of them out there such as the home equity loan, HELOC, or if you own a vehicle, the auto title loan from online lender.
The premise to these types of loans is that you will put your property as the collateral and you can then borrow the money that you need for your venture startup.

4. Private Lenders

If you are not comfortable with getting help from angel investors (since you do not want them to have a seat on the board), then you may want to get the help of private lenders instead.
The beauty of this is that most private lenders are willing to fund great business ideas. So, if you have one that is creative and can make a huge profit, they will surely be on your side.
You just have to create a solid business plan detailing what you’re going to sell, financial probabilities, etc.

5. Credit Cards

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If you have a credit card, you can also use that to finance your business. There are some companies that offer deferred payments as well as easy repayment schemes that will not put too much burden on you.

6. Cash in Retirement Accounts

If you’ve saved enough money in your retirement account, you can get some cash from there. Of course, you can always replenish it once you’ve acquired amazing profits.

7. Friends and Family

Believe it or not, your friends and family will give you anything that you need, especially if they know that it is a good investment.
Tell them that you need some funds for your business and be truthful about everything that you require. You will be amazed at how generous they can be given the situation.


Getting the capital that you need for your business isn’t that hard when you really think about it. There are plenty of financing options out there- from your personal assets to your friends and family.
You just have to be confident enough to get some help to fund your startup.

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