Your business needs an email list – that’s for sure. Indeed most online based businesses have benefited from this. There is one challenge to getting an email list. Should you buy the list or grow it organically?

For the most experienced marketers, buying an email list is a very bad idea. In fact it can really harm your business in case you do it. Some of the most specific ways through which buying an email list will harm your business include the following.

  • Getting blacklisted by your Internet Service Provider.
  • Categorized as spammer by those who you email on that list.

If this is the case, any business that wants to work with the best email marketing lists should grow their list organically. Here are some of the very best options through which this can be done.

Offer Free Products

I could speak for myself when it comes to the use of free products to generate email newsletter sign-ups – the results are often dramatic. This is the one option that works like a charm.  The best part is you don’t have to break a sweat. It doesn’t quite matter what you are using. For all I care it could be an ebook or an app – don’t worry. Simply ask for an email address in exchange for the freebie. Then is addition prompt the newsletter option.

Light Box Pop Ups

This is a simple pop-up that is designed to lay over your website especially just as a visitor opens the website. Users can easily close it with the “x” in the top right corner – you must have seen it before. This is one of the simplest ways through which you could typically boost your conversion rate.

Using the Hello Bar

This is a great way of promoting email newsletter subscription in your website. When you do this you will be able to collect your visitors’ details including their email addresses for future use. Hello Bar is awesome! You can also use it to promote products in case you are running an eCommerce website. Case and point this option cuts across the entire sphere. That’s why you can just as easily use for promoting your email newsletter.

Sidebar Opt-in Box

This is the most common option if you want an organically grow email list. It has been found to convert faster (51.6% better) when used without the Facebook option. If you want to work with a Sidebar Opt-in Box there are many places through which you could create one. In fact there is a good option that you could go with such that if someone is logged through Facebook, they are able to subscribe with one click.

You can also use an End of Post Subscribe Box (you stick a subscription box at the bottom end of every one of your posts). Additionally, you could go with Landing Pages by devoting the entire landing page to their email newsletter subscription. I have seen it before and lately its is becoming rampant for email marketing.

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